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  1. My batteries say 3.55 volts but the pads on my pms are saying 0 volts what is wrong

    My batteries say 3.55 volts but the pads on my pms are saying 0 volts what is wrong
  2. Worklog The C-Wii

    my batteries are giving off 3.55volts but the pads on the pms and usbc dont give off anything what could be wrong
  3. Worklog The C-Wii

    Thanks Edit: it worked
  4. Worklog The C-Wii

  5. Worklog The C-Wii

    ive tried to put games on my wii before i trim it with bbloader but i cant get games on it i looked at the compatibility list and got verbatim usb drive because i couldnt find a the samsung drive and the kingston shipping is gonna take a while so what am I doing wrong with the verbatim drive...
  6. Worklog The C-Wii

    Did I have to install Nintendont first
  7. Worklog The C-Wii

    I’m stuck on this screen on the BBLoader and I can’t do anything do I just have to trim it now
  8. Worklog The C-Wii

    Can I use BBLoader on the full Wii
  9. Worklog The C-Wii

    Where do I put the games and wbfs folders in my usb Also when I’m in the BBLoader menu I can’t press any buttons it’s just a grey screen the says gc games
  10. BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Aurelio and GingerOfOz I’m going to pm both of you so I don’t take up this thread
  11. BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    my wii is up to date an it still says this This is what I see
  12. BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    So just update it and it should be fine
  13. BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Separate post: im having trouble with ios58 and all i can find is ios58 installer but i cant find a direct file download and i not sure what to do with it because the install has an apps folder with boot.dol, icon, and meta files so do i just replace those or am i overthinking things
  14. BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    sounds simple thanks
  15. BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    when the full version comes out do you just need to reinstall the software to update it
  16. Worklog The C-Wii

    i tried to install portablize mii but it says nowifi wads couldnt be found and IOS 36-64-v3608.wad cant be found on the usb edit: now it seems like i can almost get to the portablizemii menu but right at the last step there is an error and it sends me back the the homebrew channel and when i try...
  17. Question I’m kinda new to this

    separate post: where do i get the pcb for the led pipe
  18. Worklog The C-Wii

    I got my led pipe but it didn’t come with a pcb Where do I get the pcb
  19. Worklog My first Wii portable (Gwii)

    All of the boards usb-c, rvl pms, u-amp, gc+ 2.0, and screen are on the BitBuilt store. For wiring BitBuilt has a manuals section now and there is a how to guide for the g-boy rev 3, it has most of the soldering points but the u-amp and gc+ aren’t on that guide so you will have to look at the...
  20. Worklog The C-Wii

    Would this headphone jack be good to use