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  1. Herma

    Secret Santa 2020: Post your gifts here!

    Got my gift in today, it's pretty great. I rather like the datasheet and full printed manual also added, complete with Christmas Opossum. Thanks @StonedEdge! Unfortunately JPost wouldn't let you stay anonymous lool.
  2. Herma

    So uh, anyone want anything while I’m here?

    oo, another in the living in Tokyo club.
  3. Herma

    FPGA Synthesizer

    Wrote some HDL. Not too much, just went ahead and worked on the SPI slave data transceiver module for getting info to/from a computer using a USB<->SPI converter. It includes variable CPOL/CPHA settings as parameters in the module, I believe it seemed to work for all CPOL/CPHA unless I am...
  4. Herma

    FPGA Synthesizer

    Finished the PCB design. Still need to go and fully validate the schematics and ensure I'm not doing anything stupid before pulling the trigger on a PCB order. Kicad source files can be found here: After design validation I'll get back to HDL.
  5. Herma

    FPGA Synthesizer

    Loool there's actually no FPGA in this revision. Just using a devkit for the time being and this will plug directly into it (it's a DE0-Nano board). Once the HDL is done I can run compilations until I find the cheapest FPGA it can feasibly run on and I'll make a final board with an integrated FPGA.
  6. Herma

    FPGA Synthesizer

    Full schematics in PDF form. May go and clean up a bit later 'cause some areas look a bit sloppy. On to generating all the footprints so I can actually begin laying this out. Also should probably generate a BOM cost soon.
  7. Herma

    FPGA Synthesizer

    Been working on the schematic capture portion of the design. Nearly done, need to work on the power supply. Attached are a couple schematics. DAC + Amp portion is using the same one Gman used for the audio amp for sale on the store. It was chosen because it was essentially the cheapest I2S amp...
  8. Herma

    FPGA Synthesizer

    So, with the help of @Gman I finally decided on a project (well, he decided for me). The idea is to make a synthesizer using purely (or at least primarily) digital logic in an FPGA. Ideally I'd also like to forgo the usage of wave-tables and mathematically derive some waveforms (notably sine)...
  9. Herma

    Question Getting started with EAGLE

    With all this talk of EDA software I can't help but peg in and say everyone should just join the Altium master race. Though it is a bit (really freaking) expensive. But dat smooth workflow. And iirc there's pretty good Solidworks integration. Regarding EAGLE, I personally didn't find it helpful...
  10. Herma

    What is your electronic background?

    I'm not super active, but BSEE from UIUC, working as electrical engineer for medical device company (lul guess i'll only do electronics work if you pay me). Would go for a higher degree but dem student loanz doe.
  11. Herma

    Question Cheap surface mount Capacitors?

    Depends on what you want. If you want ceramics glhf trying to find low quantities under 1 dollar a pop for a 100 uF. With tantalums you can get in that range, they're good for bulk capacitance, if you need to reduce transients you can throw a cheaper 0.1 uF or so ceramic in parallel.
  12. Herma

    Question Power Control Implementation

    There're a lot of options, it depends on how crazy you wanna go. I'd personally lay out a custom PCB using a dedicated chip from someone like Linear or TI, but that's more than most people would want to do. Btw, I live near by (Bellefonte) and work as an electrical engineer in the area and for...
  13. Herma

    [Not Actually] Cheap PTH08080 regulators

    If you make yourself look official enough they will, but I think TI started to be a bit more picky about who they give free samples to.
  14. Herma

    Question Soldering Iron Suggestions

    If you can spring a couple hundred I'd highly suggest a Metcal/OKI station. And I agree with the talks of Hakko. I use an FM203 occasionally at work and I dig it, though I would understand if it's a bit out of your budget. I've had mixed results with Tenma. Fairly good for the price point...
  15. Herma

    Post your PC specs and other info! (Laptops and Tablets welcome too.)

    Too lazy to actually list everything out in a nice format. Here's the pcpartpicker my friend put together and I used:
  16. Herma

    Discussion DreamCast R&D and Documenting

    Ah, I see you mentioned it before, now. I was at work when I saw some stuff, wasn't able to read the full thread. On another note, the LAN adapter and BBA have been cloned by some guy in Japan.LAN adapter was a CPLD interfacing an off-the-shelf chip. BBA was an FPGA interfacing a full on PCI...
  17. Herma

    Discussion DreamCast R&D and Documenting

    There is an SD card GD-ROM replacement in existence. I can link when I'm not at work. But I think it's called GDEMU. Iirc the GD-ROM protocol is just PATA and like an explicit ripoff of CD standards with some extra stuff slapped on. In the document I have it's obvious they used a CD protocol...
  18. Herma

    Discussion DreamCast R&D and Documenting

    I've got some documentation on the GD-ROM, was gonna start doing some stuff but real life and girlfriend and such seems to be taking up more time than I expected. I'll get to it eventually, though I am interested in seeing things done. My primary focuses in any sort of Dreamcast information in...
  19. Herma

    piig thread

    made some cookies
  20. Herma

    Review BitBuilt's Reprogrammable GameBoy Development Cartridge

    How many times can the flash be written to before the flash is no longer viable? Most modern flash chips can easily do >100k per sector (I'm pretty familiar with the M25PXX series, which do just that), so it's probably not an issue, just a curiosity.