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  1. Mith

    Release Ps2 voltage regulator board

    file not download
  2. Mith

    Worklog Open PS2 -placeholder name

    Is there any way to get these boards? :)
  3. Mith

    Question PS2 schematic

    to the motherboard Service manual GH-062
  4. Mith

    Question PS2 schematic

    Does anyone have a schematic for a 7900x or 9000x
  5. Mith

    PS2GO! finished! - Brazil

    Awesome dude, how can get the print file case from your project?
  6. Mith

    Question problems with the joystick

    having disassembled the usual joystick, the situation will be the same
  7. Mith

    Question problems with the joystick

    how to fix it? if you connect a standard joystick then the glitch disappears
  8. Mith

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi everyone