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  1. Alex827

    Worklog N64 AIO Build

    Hey guys, This will be a brief worklog as I attempt to get this custom N64 built into my computer case. Bit of an interesting use situation so to summarize why I'm doing this, basically desk space. An overcomplicated and glorified way to save some space. Around a year ago I managed to get an N64...
  2. Alex827

    Question 3 Months Still No Update

    Back in January I purchased a G-boy kit expecting to get one within a month or two but now almost after more than 3 months of waiting there is still no update. I have messaged staff but to no avail. At this point the store is basically empty and I am starting to get a bit impatient. If anyone...
  3. Alex827

    Discussion UltraVGA - Interest Check

    Regarding the UltraVGA, if I use it in a portable my only option for hdmi out to a tv would be to convert the vga signal to hdmi right? Also would this effect the image quality?