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    Question Where!!

    Lemme be real with you, if you can't figure out how to generate gerber files, you probably should consider doing something simpler than whatever it is you're trying to do with RVL-PSU. Even something like Nold's Wii Micro isn't necessary for an absolute beginner, and demands some small amount of...
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    Question The G4 GameCube project

    Much better. As for your system not booting, see if you can find where those points go to on the mobo and check for continuity between those and the FFC. I wonder if theres some drive test homebrew you could run if you were to install picoboot too, maybe that could help diagnose the issue...
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    Question The G4 GameCube project

    Excellent work so far but maybe consider touching up on some of those points on the drive connector just to be safe, they look a little underflowed.
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    Solved Wasp fusion solid blue light

    The soldering on the Megadrive is terrible. If you really wanna keep the ODE, consider fixing that. Otherwise it's highly recommended to use picoboot instead, as its a simpler and cheaper mod to do with more community support. Picoboot can do everything a modchip can do and possibly more.
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    Worklog The Avarice

    You're also forgetting that the N64 will require a heatsink as well as a PS2 if you wanted to throw that in. 15mm will not provide you the space and the cooling capacity needed to adequately cool down the chips on those parts. My suggestion would be to remove the extra dead space from your...
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    Worklog The Avarice

    Yeaaaaaah idk about this one chief. It'd definitely work for a rpi handheld but I expect you'll find out quite quickly that you're not going to have enough room to fit everything else in. It's not entirely an issue of physical dimensions, but also quite literally every other design aspect...
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    Ashida Wii Portable

    small business moment
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    Ashida Wii Portable

    You can get updates on restocks if you join the 4Layer discord, pretty handy ngl:
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    Unreal Engine?

    Even if there was, we sure as hell wouldn't be allowed to share it around. A lot of that stuff still requires official Sony SDKs from my understanding, which would be copyright infringement to share around (aka piracy).
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    Ashida Wii Portable

    STL/3MF downloads are literally on the first page of this thread lol
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    Guide Chip Trimming: A Guide

    I expect everyone here to build their own Tinytendo. No excuses! :XD: Great work as always Redherring, definitely hope to build one myself one day, after I get over the daunting trimming process hehe
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    cut too deep?

    I'll play on your court for a second. Even if you are telling the truth, the more you argue about this the worse it's going to get for you, so if I were you I'd quit while you're ahead and just move on. You really don't want to keep adding fuel to the fire for your own sake. I'd appreciate it...
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    cut too deep?

    I shall coin the name for this arc as the "anti-ginger arc". It's shall be remembered for generations as one of the moments of BitBuilt history :XD: Jokes aside, cmon man, "{account} is my {relative} please unban" is the oldest trick in the book do better.
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    Worklog Nemo's G-wii worklog

    You can remove them without worry, will give you extra vertical clearance in that area as well so its usually recommended to remove them.
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    Worklog VS2 Worklog

    Amazing work! Might I ask what microscope you're using to get those clean pics? :rothink:
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    Light Blue G-Boy

    Great work! Glad to see more G-Boys in the wild! :D
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    Question gamecube controller emulation with an arduino

    GC+ 2.0 is an open source project, so you can order the boards yourself and all the parts from realistically anywhere in the world. All components are on one side of the PCB so its possible to use a hotplate like the MHP30 to solder them quite painlessly. It's not the most cost effective option...
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    5 Inch Eyoyo Component Screen

    Necroposting is generally frowned upon on forums, there probably wasn't any reason to bring this thread back after a month of inactivity. Anyways, only really legal way to do this is to do a clean room reverse engineering effort, which would involve dumping the firmware, reverse engineering it...
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    Worklog The Groupii

    It's definitely within your best interest to slim those outer walls down, since they do not need to be that thick, and it will only increase your print time unnecessarily. I would do the G-Boy approach, 2.5mm total thickness walls with a 1mm to 1.25mm raised wall that will prevent any sort of...