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  1. Madmorda

    Question 3d modeling programs

    +1 for fusion 360 with student or personal use license. It has some awesome rewind features for going back and fixing changes you made a while back without messing up your other changes. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for detailed organic geometry (modeling people and animals) but it's...
  2. Madmorda

    Worklog GC -

    I love me some tiny projects, well done! I especially like how the trigger buttons fit, those look clean!
  3. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    So I have finally figured out my batteries. I will be using 4x 16650 battery cells, which are basically 18650s, but about 2mm thinner in diameter. I will get about 2125 mAh each, meaning that 4 of these cells will hopefully give me about 3 hours of battery life. Thanks to @eggbowl, I was able...
  4. Madmorda

    Project 15: Portable N64 finally complete!

    I have used Rustoleum gold and it can get that EXACT same look if you clear coat over it. It says clear coat not recommended on my can, no idea what causes it to react with clear coat haha. This looks beautiful though!
  5. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    OOOOOOOOH. I saw these on Amazon, but I just assumed they were for casting resin. I just placed an order for that and some white resin. Hopefully I can make a spice orange console. Thanks man, you rock! The batteries for the case come in today, and I'm also going to be spending this week trying...
  6. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    It may not look like it from the outside, but I have put in a lot of work for the design this week. I went through all of my options for batteries and finally settled on some lipo cells. I think I can fit 4 1800mAh batteries in this case (about the equivalent of 2 18650s, or 2-2.5 hrs of...
  7. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    I wonder too. Let me know if you figure it out lol.
  8. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    I'm probably going to be testing a few different materials, but here's the first one. It's kind of like that wall insulation cloth/fluff packed together tightly, except I can't set it on fire and it doesn't conduct heat like at all. I held a torch a few mm from my finger with this stuff (maybe...
  9. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    Thanks @Ratchet Russian, that's super helpful, I may give that a shot! I've actually been working hard on the aesthetics of this case, even if it isn't super obvious from the outside. Here's my original case that I'm trying to make look nicer: The first thing I tried was wet sanding, and the...
  10. Madmorda

    Question Any recommendations for 3D Modeling Programs?

    +1 for fusion 360. I love that I can go back and undo a specific change without undoing the changes I made since then. It also has some super useful tools, like hollowing out a shape to make it a shell.
  11. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    I'm a little late to start my worklog, but I hope to actually finish my entry this year! I'm building something I've been wanting to build for a long time: a Gameboy Advance shaped Wii portable. My main idea here is to try and keep both the size and the shape accurate to the original GBA without...
  12. Madmorda

    Worklog DIY Concept UFO

    Wew, that thing is gorgeous. Keep those sexy pics coming!
  13. Madmorda

    Secret Santa 2019 Gift Opening Thread

    I got a DMG Gameboy Consolizer, a housing for the SD2SP2 gamecube adapter, and A FREAKING SAMUS CARTBOY. It has a DETACHABLE ARM CANNON (the helmet is also detachable, I just can't bring myself to take it off) Samusception: Thank you Santa, you rock!!!
  14. Madmorda

    SOLD - WTS Custom Molded Buttons

    @modler2 Some of the Joy Con buttons are still available. @looneybinjim The gamecube buttons are sold, and also international shipping is about $14 regardless of how small or light the package is :)
  15. Madmorda

    Late night modding

    I picked up a gba sp today and added a headphone jack. All of the mods I've seen so far remove the link cable port to leave room for the jack, but that's no fun :p I used a very small smd headphone jack and put it where I thought it should have been on the console. The little switch on the back...
  16. Madmorda

    Worklog First wii portable for final paper

    Have you tested your game somewhere else to make sure it's a good copy? Is it inside the wbfs folder?
  17. Madmorda

    Discussion post your Gamecube controller

    Glad to see someone else make this! I especially like the gc light haha. It fits perfectly right above the logo. What's the button in the upper left? Does it turn on the battery?
  18. Madmorda

    WTS Resin Cast Custom Buttons and Joysticks

    Hello all! I've been resin casting buttons almost daily for the last year, and I'm selling off some of my old stock. All of these buttons will need some kind of work before they can be installed. This might be as simple as gently running a knife around the edges to clean them up, or it may...
  19. Madmorda

    Worklog A Better Playstation Classic

    I recently picked up a Playstation Classic and fell in love with the tiny case. I checked out the ps1 motherboard and decided that it would be difficult to fit without some serious rewiring, so I deliberated between the PSP and the ps2 since an advanced trim ps2 motherboard would fit...
  20. Madmorda

    Question DS lite pcb

    Since you sanded down multiple motherboards rather than just one, did you make sure they were the same revision beforehand? I know with the Wavebird, there are multiple revisions that look the same at first glance, just with slightly different component placement.