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  1. caorsi

    Portable Thoughts

    Got my two Wii's and I am serious on making a portable. There's a lot going through my head. At first I wanted to make a G Boy. Now I've come to think that the Gwii would be perfect to build. Hopefully as far as wiring will go I can use the G boy assembly guide to give me a general direction as...
  2. caorsi

    Any way to increase the battery life of the G-Boy?

    Would it be possible to get stronger lithium batteries to sustain more playtime?
  3. caorsi

    I got two fresh wiis coming my way!

    Well got on ebay and looking for a sweet Wii which in turn I'll dismantle it to make a G-Boy. One wii I neglected to read the fine print of the difference between the 6 layer mother board vs the 4th so one wii might be dust. I got a black wii incase the white wii is a dud. Regardless if it turns...