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  1. ProGCC - GameCube controller shoved into a ProCon

    Details on the internals and custom firmware here: Just posting some pics of my build with some color-changing LEDs :)
  2. Release ProConGCC Firmware v1 (Compatible with GC+ hardware)

    Github Link: What is this? This is a firmware designed for PIC18(L)F24/25K42 microcontrollers which emulates the function of a GameCube controller as faithfully as possible. Features: - GUI-less configuration - Stick...
  3. Release Gamecube Controller protocol timing information detailed

    Wanted to share my findings; cheers. Salea logic captures included as attachments. Console sends out signals at 200kHz, Controller responds at 250kHz. Data sent from original console - Side Bit Times Real Gamecube (exact) LOW - 3.875us low, 1.125us high HIGH - 1.375 low, 3.583 high STOP -...
  4. LED Joycons Finished!

    Hi everyone; Long time lurker but first time poster here. I recently got into resin casting and even more recently decided to try my hand at doing some LED mods. These LEDs only turn on when the controllers are connected through Bluetooth and they will not power on in handheld mode (Save my...