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  1. JayCantPlay

    Hey there, Im interested in some of those USB keyboards. Do you post to France?

    Hey there, Im interested in some of those USB keyboards. Do you post to France?
  2. JayCantPlay

    DsPiZero (On Hold for another project)

    Wow, seems like a few people are doing this kind of project now. Will 2500mAh be enough to power your project?
  3. JayCantPlay

    Review BitBuilt's Reprogrammable GameBoy Development Cartridge

    Love this review, almost as much as I love Colin himself. On a separate note, he does own one beautiful looking GB Pocket...
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    Worklog PS2 Trimming Initiative

  5. JayCantPlay

    Worklog Kill Mii (Altoids Tin Portable)

    Good lord man
  6. JayCantPlay

    A Side Project

    Oh, I don't really have many questions to speak of. I just found it funny that I thought of this project without knowing you had make this thread! Will the battery, even with the extension, be enough to power the Pi, screen and keyboard for a decent amount of time? And how are you going to...
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    Should this be added to the Definitive Wii Trimming guide?
  8. JayCantPlay

    Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    Thank you very much for the swift reply. I did see this option presented, but I couldn't find it on the UK Amazon site. I'll look around for it anyway. Thanks again!
  9. JayCantPlay

    Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    Quick question, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but would you say this is a good soldering iron? I'm on a limited budget.
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    A Side Project

    Any updates on this? Because I'm currently buying a bunch of parts to make my own DSPi and want to see what kind of decisions you have done in order to make this work. Perhaps we could help each other?
  11. JayCantPlay

    Worklog NGCP by Nikoil - Finished

    Jesus Christ this is next level. This is simply brilliant!
  12. JayCantPlay

    AESTETIC Thread

    Speaking of the DS I think the DS lite is the best looking of them all, especially in black or white.
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    AESTETIC Thread

    Man that is clean. Maybe not the slimmest and most portable, but very pretty.
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    AESTETIC Thread

    This thread is all about sharing and appreciating good looking and AESTETIC consoles or portables. For example: I'll start with the silver Gameboy Pocket. It's smooth, clean and elegant. The best looking Gameboy in my opinion. Any others you appreciate?
  15. JayCantPlay

    Wiip theme ideas?

    If you wanted a smooth, clean theme, then perhaps use the Wii Sports color scheme White, light blue and dark grey. Nice and simple
  16. JayCantPlay

    Question PSP go Pre project troubleshooting

    It doesn't seem to have contacts. Besides, I've opened it up before and it still worked, screen included. Reconnected the speakers and powered on, to no sound. Reconnected the headphone jack, heard that power was going to it but no sound. It seems your 'dumb mode' theory might be plausible, but...
  17. JayCantPlay

    Question PSP go Pre project troubleshooting

    I did try with the battery first, but removed it for these pictures because it was too cumbersome. And yeah, the problem is no one seems to know much about psp go modding, so I guess I've started pretty strongly.
  18. JayCantPlay

    Question PSP go Pre project troubleshooting

    Hey everyone, I've made this thread because I've encountered an important and puzzling problem, which to my knowledge no one has experienced before. So, I disassembled my PSP go with great care and, after taking a look around the board, noticed a major problem. The system refused to switch on...
  19. JayCantPlay

    Worklog GB Boy Colour

    I assume a Pro Sound mod for this is out of the question? Edit: Didn't see the last post. The li-on battery is a good idea. What about case mods?
  20. JayCantPlay

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Not even half an hour and already lots of support. I have a feeling I'm going to like it here :) Keep up the good work!