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  1. Emetsys

    Main theme with number of rows selection (1 or 2)

    Hello, I edited my other theme to add those improvement, but here is the raw main theme allowing for number of rows selection from 1 to 2, along with easier access to choose the color of the selection rectangle. These values can be changed in the gamesview.lua in the script folder.
  2. Emetsys

    Brass theme for RVLoader

    Hello, I made a theme for myself, because I wanted to show game covers bigger and in one line. It had to fit with my portable design too. I figured out I could share it if it may interest people. It is only 16/9. I used this as a background. EDIT: I added a version of the theme suffixed -...
  3. Emetsys

    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] Dionaea Portable PS2

    Hello, I got a bit tired of Wii and wanted to make a portable PS2. So far I got most components, I just got a bit of trouble sourcing a PS2 7900. I modified the Wii PMS with two LDOs for 1v8 and 2v5 and changed the resistor on one regulator to get 1.25v. It was a bit trickier than anticipated...
  4. Emetsys

    Alysse Wii Portable

    Hello guys, This is my newest portable wii and should be the last. Features: The beautiful 5" 16/9 screen with RVL-DD, Brass buttons from BoxyPixel, GC+ 2.0, PMS 1.0, U-AMP, SD card slot with kingston adapter, 2*20mm fans 2*3000mAh batteries.
  5. Emetsys


    Hey, I finaly took the time to recase my project so,... there's a few pictures. Features: 5" 4/3 screen 2x 3400mAh 18650 batteries (2-3 hours of battery life) Wii PMS and UAmp MicroSD slot I wanted to try something hinged for this project. I used a DSLite hinge with the original piece...
  6. Emetsys

    Worklog DSii

    Hello, I am doing a new portable wii. This time it will be a clamshell. I ordered different sorts of hinge, for a notebook and eepc, but they are quite big. I plan to use some 3DS xl ones, but they're the last one to come. The screen I will use is the 5" screen from the store. For now this is...
  7. Emetsys

    The Enduro portable Wii

    Hello, This is my second wii portable, which was a frankencase, I bought a 3D printer and tried to learn how to design. It is a quite simple, but I like it. Features: Wii PMS, U-Amp, usb-c breakout board, 7" Eyoyo ips vga display, 6x3400mAh removable batteries ~75Wh, so, 6-7 hours battery...
  8. Emetsys

    Question Kingston microSD to USB adapter

    Hello, I'm not sure I should post there, but I ordered this adapter from the store and as I'm already designing my 3d printed case and I want to do a cutout/holder for it to be accessible from outside the case, I would like to know the dimensions of this adapter.(I think it would be a great add...
  9. Emetsys

    Components removals 7inch eyoyo screen board.

    Hello, I bought a quite nice eyoyo 7" vga screen. However, what is good and bad in the same time is that the capacitors are not smd. I would need to remove/move some. They look like some filtering caps for the 3v3 and 2v5 since they are right beside the ams1117 voltage converter. I guess it...
  10. Emetsys

    Question Issue with the Wii PMS (edit.)

    Hello, I'm building a portable wii and I have some issue with the wii PMS. When I first tried it, it was working, although I was concerned about having the battery managment IC at 60°C and the regulators at 50°C when powered off(with 0V on the output voltages). I had a 18650 battery connected...
  11. Emetsys

    Question What material for portablized console.

    Hello, I wonder if PLA is good enough for a portablized wii or if it is to brittle. The 3d printer I got cannot print PETG out of the box, I can do the modifications, but if PLA is ok, it would be easier to print/sand too.
  12. Emetsys

    Shifted image on VGA screen

    Hi, I bought a ZJ050NA-08C screen not from the bitbuilt store. It comes with a similar but not exactly the same controller board. When I start it, the image is shifted, it happens each time I restart or change source(even while loading a game when the image is lost). The strange thing is that...
  13. Emetsys

    Question Cannot launch wii games with Neeko

    Hello, I've letterbombed and puted portabalizemii on my wii. The wii games and gamecube were perfectly working. I have 20 games. When I added another game(mario galaxy), it stopped working. I can see neeko loading, then hearing the disk drive spinning, finally, it goes back to the...
  14. Emetsys

    The Heavii

    After something like 9 month, my portable wii is finaly finished. I want to thanks everyone for their help and answer to all my (sometimes dumb) questions. The case is from a laCie switch, it's alluminum, so it's quite heavy, thus the name. It weight 1.2kg, that makes it the same as the wii...
  15. Emetsys

    Question My portable crash unless I let it heat up.

    Hey, I have some trouble with my portable. It will crash unless I let it literally heat up for something like 15 minutes. Happens especially with SSX3, that I guess is a quite demanding game. Does someone have an insight on this issue? I haven't yet put my hand on a oscilloscope, but with a...
  16. Emetsys

    Question Type of glass

    Hello, I want to put a 3mm glass screen in front of my screen in my portable wii. I however don't know what tzpe of glass I should use between tempered, float and laminated glass. I think float glass would be good but I don't know if it's sturdy enough in case of shock and if laminated will be...
  17. Emetsys

    Question Shielding for the bms

    Hello, I have some problems on my screen while it's charging and I guess that it is the self on the bms fault. I want to shield it and needs to be isolated. Could aluminum foil sandwiched in kapton tape be good?
  18. Emetsys

    Question Wii freeze with weird buzzing

    Hi, My wii is freezing with weirg buzzing. Usually it is happening when begining playing on SSX but sometimes at other times. It is maybe memory related. I used a circuit to connect the USB to the wii and micro USB and is maybe not perfect. Best, Emetsys
  19. Emetsys

    Question Problem with a pms

    Hello, I have a problem with my pms. The wii works when plugged in and the charging works too. If I test it without load I have 8.33V on the output fully charged, bug as soon as I put a load on it(turning on the wii), the voltage drops to 4.2V. The wii is working (I have the sound of it). No...
  20. Emetsys

    Question Same voltage in input and output on a pms

    Hey, I just ordered a PMS form my portable WII. It is that one: When I just have the battery connected, I get the same voltage as the batteries(7.2V). However when I put 12v on the input I got 12v on the...