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  1. FallenLogic

    The NC4 (First Portable N64)

    Hello everyone! Remember me? I kind of hope you don't, I'm the guy that made that really horrible "portable" "Wii" with the GC+ using through-hole components instead of SMD ones. If you were wondering what happened to that project, I threw a Raspberry Pi in it and called it a day - though the...
  2. FallenLogic

    Question Broken U10

    I have desoldered U9 (after my attempts at desoldering U10 were unsuccessful), but one of the legs broke off (on the side with two legs). Is it worth trying to solder to the point where the leg broke off from, or should I move on to taking the U10 off another Wii motherboard? Basically - Is a...
  3. FallenLogic

    Solved Pad Labeling on GC+

    There are two pads across from each other (for resistors) with the label R2R9 - the rest of the pads are labeled R1-R16 (except R2 and R9). My question is: do I solder both R2 and R9 to those pads? What does it mean?
  4. FallenLogic

    Worklog Wii Portable Worklog ("Clunkii")

    So I've just begun building a portable Wii, nothing fancy though. Here are some of the parts/features (I tried to reuse components where I could): 1 port charge and play (Red Board + 2s1p 18650 Cells) 4-layer (RVL-101) Wii board 4.3" LCD monitor PTH08080 voltage regulators GC+ based...