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  1. tanakorn

    Question Cube game controller not working

    Hello everyone I need help I cut the motherboard like in the picture. Almost everything works normally. There is only one problem, my controller is not working. I connected the controller at this location.Sorry for using my language. I use google to translate.
  2. tanakorn

    Question Wii goes to the home screen and the screen goes black.

    Hello everyone,I don't know if anyone has ever been like this. how can i fix it
  3. tanakorn

    Question build pcb by cnc machine

    Hello everyone, I have something to ask for help. I have a small cnc machine. I want to make a pcb like this: game boy original pcb control and playstation 2 pcb. I don't know if any of my friends have designed a circuit and are able to Can you share me? Thank you very much (I use google translate)
  4. tanakorn

    Worklog My Wii WaveBird

    Hello everyone, this is my Wii WaveBird. I'm using a 5" screen. Battery 26650 5000mAh I don't have a 3D printer. I used acrylic sheets. I want to put everything in place. Before the qin did the paint It's purely handmade work. It might not be pretty, but I try to do as much as my device has. If...
  5. tanakorn

    Worklog My Portable Playstation1

    This is my first portable ps1, 7 inch screen, 4 18650 batteries. The body I use acrylic sheet to make. It's purely handmade work. maybe not pretty But I try to do as much as my device has. back cover I might turn black. Try this first. Thank you all for watching (sorry for my language. I use...
  6. tanakorn

    Question Wii plays VC and it shows up like this. how to fix

    I can play gc and wii normally, but I play vc and it's like this. how to fix it thanks in advance (Sorry for my language. I use google translate)
  7. tanakorn

    Question Fix noise for Wii portable

    Is it with an unstable power system? How can I fix it? Thanks in advance (I use google translate)
  8. tanakorn

    Question Cooling Fan for Nintendo Switch and battery charging

    Can it be done? How to proceed? I use this to charge the battery. Does this part have to be removed? I'm sorry about the language, I'm Thai, I use google translate. Thank you in advance
  9. tanakorn

    Question Gameboy Color inside of a Pocket

    Hello everyone (Please ask for permission from the owner of the photo) Has anyone ever done this? I want to know where they connect. thanks in advance
  10. tanakorn

    Question Super famicom trim?

    Can SFC cut the board? I think I will make SFC portable. Thank you (sorry for my English usage too).
  11. tanakorn

    Question N64 no video signal

    Hello everyone Help me. N64 cut a board like this. After power is supplied, there is no video signal.
  12. tanakorn

    Worklog My Gamegear

    Hello everyone This is my gear game. Inside is the board of this nds lite I have been doing for a long time.
  13. tanakorn

    Worklog My first portable playstation2.

    Hello everyone, this is my first portable playstation2.
  14. tanakorn

    Question my first playstation porteble (Thailand)

    Hello everyone, my name is Thanakorn. I am Thai. First of all I apologize for the language usage. I use google translate This is my first portable PS2, maybe not beautiful, I made it with my scph-79000 PS2 acrylic plate. The question is 1. Can I use the 18650X2 battery directly to the board? 2...
  15. tanakorn

    Worklog My first portable Wii

    My name is Thanakorn from Thailand. This is My first portable Wii The device is not pretty but works (I use Google Translate). Thank you. Https:// That made me succeed
  16. tanakorn

    Question my wii poertable has a problem

    Hello, my name is Thanakorn. From Thailand First of all I apologize for the use of my English as well (I use Google Translate). My portable wii runs wii games. Then the screen turns black, but the game cube is playing normally Please also advise. Thank you.(The other thing is that I can't put...