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  1. Benge

    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] Portable Xbox 360 (Xbenge-360)

    Yeeee Here are the planned specs : Thinner than 50 mm (easy, but not possible if I use original controller style shape). 8" IPS <3 Screen 4S 10 000mAh 16.8V lithium battery (maybe li-po or 21700 li-ion) Play time goal : 1 to 2 H USB-C charge and play (100W, 20V 5A) Wifi For now I have finish...
  2. Benge

    I just made another O-Wii - but V2.2

    This new version feature : - two leds to have a sensor bar (tricky but it fit). - New improved custom PCBs - Better 3D design choice I put all detail in the Worklog And here is the result !
  3. Benge

    Release PS Vita Buttons 3D Files

    PS vita button are a nightmare :angry:to modelling and adjust to real dimensions. So here is mine, I hope it will help some people for designing their own PS2P ;) Be careful to make some test print before printing an entire case, the dimension have be taken by me and some can not be very...
  4. Benge

    Release Wii Miicro Deluxe (Noldendo Wii Miicro remix)

    I really love the Noldendo Miicro project made by Nold : Noldendo Miicro Release/Guide And I thought it would be a good idea to make a "pro" or "deluxe" version, which would improve/change a few things. The goal is also not to complicate the project too much, there will only be a need for two...
  5. Benge

    Worklog NDS Lite ++

    Ever since I saw the awesome NDS TV OUT work done by the Nintendo DS lost history team I had only one idea in mind, : improve the system and be able to integrate it directly into the DS. (I recently discovered that someone has done this before me, pretty neat link). Here my goal is to add an...
  6. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    I start this thread because I have the projetc to make a portable Xbox 360. I am going to use a Slim, because they are much less likely to have red ring of death problems. The fat versions have a problem of unsticking of the CPU / GPU, due to the alloy of the solder used. And the slim models...
  7. Benge

    The Maybe UltraMini Portable Wii

    I need to finish a project first before starting another ... this is what I say to mee when I have a new very cool idea and I have an unfinished project. So for now ... nothing. But ... to much idea :ding!: Omega Trim (yes !) Ultra thin and little Wii :rothink: I need to found a great IPS 3.5...
  8. Benge

    Worklog O-Wii V2

    I'm starting this topic to share my progress and improvements to the O-Wii, the goal is to have a V2 that can be made quite easily by other people and I possibly sell a few copies. It's been a long time that I haven't tried again to make my custom NDS button with GC+ 2.0 PCB work. After a lot...
  9. Benge


    After months of work, the BS2 is finally finished, here is the result, as well as its functionalities. The goal was to make the portable PS2 as thin as possible, we are 22 mm thick ! Internal Link to the Worklog ...
  10. Benge

    Question PS2 plus controller strange issues

    I have tested with 2 - 3 games and I have the same problem, my controller are not recognized. The controller is recognized only with gta san andreas ! I don't know why ? It is wired on the port 1 not on the 2.
  11. Benge

    O-Wii V1.0

    I'ts been a long that I have to post the cutting hedge of the O-Wii V1, it is my first experiment in portabilizing It was not perfect of course, but it works fine ! I am in the process of making so many modifications that I am going to V2. So here is the Cutting Edge of the O-Wii V1 Specs...
  12. Benge

    Question The smallest PS2 trim, and what components can be removed ?

    Hello, I have trimmed my PS2 yesterday (advanced trim and my PS2 is 79003). I cut a bit wider to be sure not to break anything. I have a few questions for portabilisers ! Is it possible to cut this size and if so are there any tracks that need to be replaced by wires ? I saw that Ginger and...
  13. Benge

    Worklog Benge BS2 Portable PS2

    Hello, after my first great experience in the portabilization of console (O-Wii), I really want to make a portable PS2 ! So here is my worklog :D Here are the ideas that I think to integrate : Custom buttons PCBs with PS2+ on it + RGB led, power button, L1 + R1 (and maybe U-Amp on one side)...
  14. Benge

    Solved How to run mario galaxy without wii mote ?

    Hello, I have tried several time to run mario galaxy or other games without wii mote with GC2Wiimote. But I don't understand how to get the pointer to be controlled by the C stick. I tried all option and it doesn't work for me, and I have a connexion error with the "virtual wii mote" Other...
  15. Benge

    Solved How to create good custom NDS lite pad in Eagle ?

    Hello, I have already tested to create NDS lite contact pad in Eagle for my O-Wii. But they were fucked up, and I had a hard time making them : I searched a lot but I did not find anything conclusive. I have already tried but I am not able to make precise round shapes, And I don't know the...
  16. Benge

    Question VGA out of range with GC games

    Hello, I have some problems o.O My VGA screen says "out of range" when I run a GC game on my O-Wii. The screen is wired in VGA mode, when it was still in comoposite it works fine with gamecube games Only Wii games work well with VGA This is very strange because the resolution of Gamecube Games...
  17. Benge

    Solved Problem with VGA patch on BBloader

    Hi all, I really need some help i dont understand why the VGA patch is not working for me :rothink: I have plan to use VGA on my O-Wii, but after installing BBloader and activate the VGA nothing apears O.o I have tried many times to make it work, I have checked my connections several times, the...
  18. Benge

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this awesome forum and after a month of research and walking into BitBuilt I start this thread for share my first portable console the O-WII ! The goal is to make a nice thin and clean portable WII. 1 - the choice of custom power supply : For that I have first see the...