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  1. SARankDirector

    Rvloader manual install?

    Tried to install rvloader, it gave a stack dump issue but still booted to the rvloader menu. I trimmed the wii and relocated the Bluetooth module. Now it won’t show the Wii’s home menu and attempting to reinstall rvloader gives a stack dump crash. Therefore I’d like to do a manual install, can...
  2. SARankDirector

    Question Om6 Bluetooth relocation is not working

    I’m trying to do an om6 Bluetooth relocation but it isn’t working. Does anyone know why? pic attached below
  3. SARankDirector

    Question Wii portable/trimmed power button

    I'm working on a custom wii using an OMGWTF(technically OM6) trim and PTH regulators. I want to be able to toggle the device power on and off with a button. How is best to go about this? Thank You!
  4. SARankDirector

    Solved Black screen help?

    Trimmed a 6-layer wii. Hollywood heats up but there’s nothing on screen. Also, I accidentally removed one of the components next to the composite spot. I put it back, but could that be causing a problem?
  5. SARankDirector

    Question Using the Wi-Fi socket+pcb for relocations

    I’m attempting to build an omgwtf trimmed wii and I’d love to get Wi-Fi relocation working. Is it possible to wire to the socket legs the mobo instead of the socket on the Wi-Fi card itself. Space is NOT at a premium here so any way to make the soldering easier would be great.
  6. SARankDirector

    Question What is the Wii’s Wi-Fi chip socket?

    I want to make a custom pcb to make Wi-Fi relocation easier but I need to know what the socket is first. does anyone know? thank you
  7. SARankDirector

    Solved Is my wii fried, and if not how do I fix this

    doing my first om6 trim and accidentally wired the voltages backwards, I.e. 5v to 1v, 3.3v to 1.5v, etc. is my wii hosed? If the answer is no, does anyone know how to fix this showing up on screen via composite
  8. SARankDirector

    Question Does the official wii Ethernet adapter work with rvloader’s nowifi patch

    I’m trimming a wii and using rvloader’s nowifi patch to boot without the Wi-Fi card. Does that interfere with the official Ethernet adapter or can I use that to retain internet access?
  9. SARankDirector

    Solved Is it safe to use 36 gauge magnet wire for the u10 relocation?

    I am attempting to do an omgwtf trim but all I have is 36 gauge magnet wire, not 34 or any lower. can I use this wire for the u10 relocation? I tested it and it seemed to work, but is this unsafe in any way? Thank you!
  10. SARankDirector

    Solved confusion about what wires to use for 3.3v and gnd in omgwtf bluetooth relocation

    I'm attempting to do a bluetooth relocation for an omgwtf trimmed mobo, however I'm a bit confused. "the definitive wii trimming guide" suggests using 28 gauge wire for 3.3v and gnd, however I was looking at the gboy manual and it appears to be using simple 36-38 gauge magnet wire. Which wire...