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  1. SparkleBear

    FOR SALE: Galaxy Black G-Wii Rev 2. PD charger and hard case included.

    Hey all, I'm selling off most of my builds from the past. Trying to save up for a big life change of moving out of california... hopefully. Life has just gotten too expensive. Thanks for considering picking up one of my portables. For sale here is a Galaxy Black G-Wii rev2. It is personally...
  2. SparkleBear

    FOR SALE: Galaxy Black G-Wii rev 2. With PD charger and hard case.

    Hey yall... Selling off all my portables right now. Trying to save up for a big life change... Thanks for considering picking up any of my builds. Up for sale here is a Galaxy Black PLA G-Wii rev2.
  3. SparkleBear

    Custom Ashida Portable - Gray SLS, Sparkly Resin Cast ABXY, Aluminum sticks, Screen control board.

    Hey all, This was such a fun and smooth build. Very pleased with the results.. It is a beautiful Gray SLS ashida case printed from JLC PCB. It feels so premium in the hands. Wish I had another DD to throw in here but the crisp vga with screen control board makes it very nice indeed. Here...
  4. SparkleBear

    Custom Ashida Portable - Gray SLS, Sparkly Resin Cast ABXY, Aluminum sticks, Screen control board. With Hard Case and PD charger/cable.

    Hey all, This post is doubling as a Cutting edge and Trading post thread. This was such a fun and smooth build. Very pleased with the results. So now I need to find a new home for this portable. It is a beautiful Gray SLS ashida case printed from JLC PCB. It feels so premium in the hands...
  5. SparkleBear

    FOR SALE: Hot Orange G-wii rev2 — with hard case and PD Charger/cable

    Hey all, Selling this tidy build. The orange case is the gwii wesk Remix. Has BT and MX relocations. Ready to find home. -4x18650 lithium batteries -all new 4Layer Tech boards. -tidy wiring board from Pickles. - 128gb sd card included - crisp vga video enabled Well built and well tested...
  6. SparkleBear

    SELLING: Purple Gwii rev2. Case and charger included. Fully tested. :)

    Purple G-Wii rev2 built my me. All the newest 4layer tech boards. 128gb card. MX and BT relocations. Thoroughly hand tested for over a year. Comes with PD Charger, USB-C cable and "matching" purple hard shell case. Send over a DM if you're interested :) (sticker comes off)
  7. SparkleBear

    Worklog N64 Tríos -- a 3x3 inspired motherboard redesign.

    I enjoyed spending the countless hours exploring the nintendo 64 on my last extreme trim attempt. Doing deadbug clock relocations, ramswap and manual ram termination was fun and rewarding... especially when the thing would boot and play games stably. @YveltalGriffin offered much inspiration for...
  8. SparkleBear

    Worklog N64 Development Kit -- Ultimate N64 Mods.

    Hey Yall... I've been working on an interesting project the last few weeks. Thought it would be fun to show off...was gonna post in cutting edge but its not quite done with. Still wanted to share progress. It may look like a regular n64 but beneath its stock shell is so much more. Features...
  9. SparkleBear

    GC Micro A la Wesk -- with HDMI and internal wavebird receiver.

    Finally finished this little boii. Wesk's GC Micro project with HDMI. Features: AVE-HDMI Enabled. Special stl for digital video. Internal Wavebird receiver on P1 (with data line switch for GC port 1) RVL-PMS pcb for power. LMAOv2 ish trim. MX relocation. BT Relocation Added wiimote sync...
  10. SparkleBear

    Smokii Gray Translucent Ashida

    Hey y'all, Finally getting around to posting this portable here... It was pretty much finished a few months ago but today I finally fixed the headphone switching with the WiiHUD via > HPS on the uamp. So thats all good now! Yes! I am pleased with how this portable turned out. It was my first...
  11. SparkleBear

    Worklog Smokii Gray, Back for Seconds -- a tale of two ashida.

    Working on my second ashida build right now. Painted translucent gray. Case is from PCBWAY... translucent UTR8100. Ordered the same week as my first ashida build. This is the only nude case photo I took. It was many months I waited before coming to this paint job. Tamiya Smoke Gray TS-71...
  12. SparkleBear

    Two Tone Indigo Ashida Portable... (finally)

    Hey all... Its been done for a few weeks now but just getting around to the cutting edge floor post. This portable features a BuyDisplay screen and driver board wired with VGA. OEM gamecube buttons, sticks and shoulder mechanism. MX Relocation, BT Relocation. It has the PMS lite as the power...
  13. SparkleBear

    Worklog Ashida Round 1 - Zen in the Art of Worklogs.

    Hey y'all... been putting together an Ashida build and its been really fun. A few speed bumps and road blocks but I'm loving it. It's not going as smoothly as I had hoped... so its about time I update a work log to see if I can iron this all out. :) I ordered the PCBs on day one and soldered...
  14. SparkleBear

    Fluke 179 -- Used, trusty, fully functional.

    Just got a new Fluke, selling my trusty old one. works perfectly, just cosmetically B- ... Its probably 5 years old or so. $300 new. Comes with the two leads and the meter. Im looking to get $160 or best offer :)
  15. SparkleBear

    Worklog Life goal: trim an omega.

    For the longest time I have wanted to take on this challange. The "illusive omega trim"... After a breif but welcome vacation from wii while diving deep into the n64 project, I'm inspired and ready give this a try. I've been studying the compendium after transferring it over to photoshop...
  16. SparkleBear

    Question Getting Wiimote Rumble motors working with GC+2...

    This seems like it would be a no brainer but I am having issues with it... I have soldered the red/blue lead from the wiimote motor to the M+ and M- on the GC+2 respectively. I hooked MP to 3.3v and also another test at 5v... I tried LRA jumper open and closed. Nothing has yielded a rumbling...
  17. SparkleBear

    Third Portables a charm... SparkleBear's Indigo G-Wii

    Hey y'all, finally swapped out the bad driver board and now I can consider this build officially buttoned up! Woot! I learned a ton in the process of my first two portables; being the G-boy, and the black gwii I built. This one was a meditation in tidy wiring and integration of the wii skillset...
  18. SparkleBear

    Worklog SparkleBear's First Portable Nintendo 64 Build Project Worklog.

    Hello all. It feels very auspicious for me to be starting this project with the portable n64 build. My interest in building one of these is the first thing that drew me to the BitBuilt community but went down the wii rabbit hole for a while before finding myself here; much more well equipped to...
  19. SparkleBear

    SparkleBear's First G-Wii rev 2 build. -- The Black Beautii

    Hey Y'all, I finished this over a month ago but thought I'd just give it a post here just for fun. (worklog: :) This is a G-wii rev2 build, my first non kit portable too... First being...
  20. SparkleBear

    Need help with Strange Screen/driver behavior on ZJ050NA-08C in g-wii.

    Hey y'all, Just about finishing up my second g-wii build here and noticed a weird vertical line interference pattern and noise pools in colors on my screen every time I boot up. The strange thing is that when I press source to switch to AV and subsequently switch back to VGA the interference...