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  1. Adam Gooch

    Postage times and when to chase?

    Hey peeps, no idea where to ask, figured this was the safest spot. My g-boy kit was sent out on the 27th, went to Jamiyca NY apparently and then into the ether on the 30th with no further updates. How and when should i start chasing UPS, their website is particularly rubbish. Tia.
  2. Adam Gooch

    Goochi build

    It seems to be the vogue so figured i had to have a log too. I still have no idea how i found out about these projects, but so glad i did! Desperate for my kit to arrive and think ive done most enough to get me ready for when it does! Got two boards trimmed in case, mx and Bluetooth boards...
  3. Adam Gooch

    Trim worries?

    Did it go too far up from the bottom? [Crosses fingers and holds breath] Tia.
  4. Adam Gooch

    How bad can i screw it up

    Kit is winging its way to me now, so the nerves have started to set in. I dont mind killing wiis whilst building this, but my concern is, if i mess up the wii trim/relocations, is there any chance of ruining the bitbuilt parts that will be attached to the wii?