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  1. Explosive T

    Question Wii Trim low ressitance

    I trimmed my wii and sanded the hell out of it but it still has shorts I had tape over everthing while trimming. Im reading these ressitances: 1v to Ground: 0.7Ohm 1.15 to Ground: 75.8Ohm 1.8 to Ground: 37.1Ohm 3.3 to Ground: 1.5Ohm There are no visible shorts between the layers and I sanded up...
  2. Explosive T

    Question CMBs in parallel for faster charging?

    I have this CMB and wan't it to use it for my wii project. The problem im having that the wii uses 16watts with screen etc. and the CMB can only charge with a maximum of 8.4W, so it wouldn't charge while playing. I was thinking to get an other one to put in parallel which would end up using 4...
  3. Explosive T

    Solved Good Step up Converter or Running screen off lower Voltage

    I need a step up converter for my screen which uses a 12V backlight for my Wii. The screen is 10 inches and the power usage according to the driver board is 12V and more than an amp. I've read that simple ones from amazon or ebay are bad to use and I only need 12v for the screen and the Wii will...
  4. Explosive T

    Question Burnt Component

    I was modding my wii into a portable tv so i could use it in a car or a plane (as long i have a 12v battery) I added the screen which needs the full 12v for the backlight to work. Also had an audio amp connected to 5v near the Gamecube Memory slots. when i used the original power brick i didn't...
  5. Explosive T

    Question PMS Lite Stock

    Does anybody Know when the PMS lite will be in stock? I wanted to start building my first portable, but then it went out of stock.
  6. Explosive T

    Solved Broke the HSync pin on the AVE

    I broke the hsync pin on the AVE. I can still wire carefully to the pin on the ave but the pad is broken. Will i still be able to use VGA with the Wii? I tested it with composite and i got an output
  7. Explosive T

    Question No VGA Output in System Menu

    I have installed the VGA Patch on my Wii a few days ago and its amazing, but if I try to get to the system menu my screen tells me that theres no sync. What is causing this?
  8. Explosive T

    Question Booting Wii with no Power Button?

    Is there anyway to boot an untrimmed wii board automatically when power is connected?
  9. Explosive T

    Solved Untrimmed Wii Power consumption?

    How much Watt does an untrimmed 4 layer Wii with stock regulators use? (with no disk drive)
  10. Explosive T

    Question Few questions I have about a BMS

    So basically i found an old CTV and thought why I shouldn't just put a Wii in it. There was enough space to fit an untrimmed board which made things way easier. I want to use 8 batteries in 4s2p but I need a BMS. I've been thinking using this one but im not sure. Here the questions: 1. Can I...