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  1. ShockSlayer

    Board scan N64 Rev 9-1 Compendium

    Download - Full size (.PDN) Get Paint.NET So, this was something I was working on back in the day. I was planning to clean it up a bit more, get things more sorted and labeled, add more revisions, etc. - but that never came to fruition. There's one major difference between this compendium and...
  2. ShockSlayer

    Ghosts 64rced to come out of retirement for one last job

    I was specifically requested to stand up, and so here I am. Let's do this.
  3. ShockSlayer

    Guide LMAOv2 and NAND relocation "Guide"

    With the surge of completed LMAO trims, I'm releasing some of my notes from my personal compendium. If you're new to Wii portablizing or don't have finely developed soldering skill, you may want to skip this relocation, as it's a sharp increase in difficulty compared to the other relocations...
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    ( ͠° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    delishuas cake!
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    We're getting the BenHeck bump After watching this video, I tweeted at Benheck('cause the only forum I post on is BB, yo.) Friday night he dropped off a box o' memes as well as his business card with Noah, and then ventured off to find beer no doubt. When I arrived...
  7. ShockSlayer

    MGC 2017 picture thread

    Noah, SS, Herma, Shank, Cheese ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Doom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We strapped Shank to a mattress and told him how we all thought the GameCube was better for portablizing After his offering of the COMPLETE N64 JOHN MADDEN COLLECTION I changed my stance back to Wii master race legit not as good...
  8. ShockSlayer

    Teamspeak information

    Password is wiimemes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer's BIG ASS Wii Trimming and Rewiring Service

    ShockSlayer's BIGASS Wii Trimming and Rewiring Service Thanks to @cheese, I've got a surplus of 4-layer motherboards, so I'm making them available to be commissioned from me for relatively cheap prices. You're gonna get some of the best work in the business, and you should feel confident that...
  10. ShockSlayer

    Guide GBA SP headphone jack (maybe)

    found this on my computer, don't actually know if it works, think the switch pin is inverted from typical hps behavior
  11. ShockSlayer

    A very MerWii Christmas

    Back in 2015, when BitBuilt and everything about modern Wii portablizing was still just an idea, I sent a text to our friend @Shank, wishing him a MerWii Christmas. To this day, I still deeply regret making this joke, but we're choosing to reuse it to wrap up all the presents that we've been...
  12. ShockSlayer

    Terrible Fate

    This is pretty amazing IMO.
  13. ShockSlayer

    FS: 6x GCVideo Analog boards

    Did a small run of GCVideo analog boards, and have 6 left over. All programmed, tested and confirmed working! There's a little bit of extra solder on the JTAG pins, will happily remove it if it's a problem. Asking $50 + shipping. US shipping will only be like $3. BITBUILT EXCLUSIVE OFFER: If...
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    Store feedback!

    Tell us about your experience here. We're just starting out, so let us know what you think(good or bad) and we'll continue to improve our setup! Thanks.
  15. ShockSlayer

    A U R E L I O

    I swear, October should probably just be a BB holiday month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PIZZA GOD
  16. ShockSlayer

    The store is here! We've officially launched the store! Everything is set up and ready to go, and inside you'll find our first batch of products. If there are any problems, please let us know here so we can address them. Thanks!
  17. ShockSlayer

    C H E E S E

    O H B O Y hapy birthday
  18. ShockSlayer

    Modding stream tonight.

    More updates will be posted here.
  19. ShockSlayer

    Question PortablizeMii update requests

    We're planning to reassemble the PortablizeMii team here soon. Since we've made the pack publicly available, we'd love to hear some feedback, feature requests, guide requests, website requests, additional emulators, etc...anything you'd like to see in the next update, post here, and we'll look...
  20. ShockSlayer

    Buy this LMAO trim ~~BEST DEAL EVER~~

    Hello and welcome to the best deal you will ever get. This is an LMAO trim board with a full heatsink + fan duct setup. It's got Bluetooth, MX chip, regulators(including a full 5v PTH08080 for those dank HDD adapters) and to top it all off, It's got an AV port, power plug w/switch, GC...