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  1. jellyman234

    Question What are the Necessary wires needed for building a portable?

    I posted a question like this about The Ashida Portable so I figured it would be better to ask here. So what kind of wires would a beginner need for soldering things like the battery contacts, the speakers etc.
  2. jellyman234

    Ashida Wii Portable

    Since i'm a noob and a bit of a Dingus Bingus, what kind of wires do I need to buy and would I need Solder flux?
  3. jellyman234

    Model Ashida 3D Print Files

    Just figured out that I can actually print it with my printer, had to rotate it quite a bit lol.
  4. jellyman234

    Model Ashida 3D Print Files

    That sounds like a good idea, was worried that I had to split the file and glue it with some kind of bonding agent lol.
  5. jellyman234

    Model Ashida 3D Print Files

    What do I do if my 3D Printer isn't big enough?
  6. jellyman234

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!