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  1. public-pervert

    [SOLD] I'm selling an original Wiikey Fusion

    I'm selling this original Wiikey Fusion. It was barely used on a Gamecube many years ago. 3v3 and GND was soldered directly to the board, but it's easily already removed. At the time it was working, but I have no way to test it as the GC has no power board anymore. I'm 99,9% sure it's working...
  2. public-pervert

    Question New Switch N64 controller on Wii

    Is it possible to connect the new N64 controller style for the Nintendo Switch on the Wii to play N64 games via some emulator? Already search for this answer on the internet but didn't found anyone talking about this. It would be awesome! Ps: hope this is on the right section.
  3. public-pervert

    Original Wiikey Fusion for sale.

    I'm selling my Wiikey Fusion used on this project: I have removed the ribbon connector on the DVD side, but it works like it should. I abandoned this project long ago, and now I'm cleaning my junk. Probably will post more stuff for sale soon. Asking 120 USD. I know some will criticize the...