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  1. Worklog The A2600-SP

    Hey guys, it's our old pal 6100m/pikapark201 (Sry for stealing ShockSlayer's haha) But, with all seriousness as my wii portable is being prepared to a point I can make a work log, I decided to do a Atari 2600 portable. It's called.. the A2600-SP. My main design goals are: SD Card or...
  2. Discussion I wonder if you could get Dolby Pro Logic II, IIx, and IIz on the Wii

    I mean, wouldn't it be theoretically possible to achieve that if we had a very powerful FPGA encoding it?
  3. [WTB] mini64 v2.x board

    Where do I buy the Mini64 board? Can't find it anywhere.
  4. One reason I'm nervous to do my PS2 portable and one reason only.

    These. fucking. ugly. stupid. little. pieces. of. crap.