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  1. Daniel Ls81

    Worklog My first gamecube portable "gc-p shiden"

    This is my worklog of my first gamecube portable tha im working on It is gonna have a 7" ips screen Custom trimmed mobo Custom trimmed heatsink + 5v fan Built in custom regulators the PTH08080 for 3.3v and a PTR08100 for 1.9v A gamecube to hdmi adapter A rpi upspack standard v3p for charging...
  2. Daniel Ls81

    Release Ps2 scph-79000 with a simple mod running with a single 18650

    A simple mod to run a ps2-79001 with a single 18650 and some pics of my ps2 shiden type-s portable with my custom trim
  3. Daniel Ls81

    Worklog Ps2 scph-90001 custom trim 119.2mm x 119.4mm :)

    My custom trim for the scph-90001 board
  4. Daniel Ls81

    Worklog Ps2 shiden type-s

    Ps2 scph-79001 motherboard Hevy modified. 5v mod. Custom copper 2mm heatsink Custom 5v fan. Custom trim. Custom ethernet conector.
  5. Daniel Ls81

    Ps2 shiden portable

    Hi i just wanna share some of my little proyect that im working on, my take on a ps2 portable that is call ps2 shiden im not very good a posting a full step by step proccess so here is my atemp to it lol. Fist the specs of my portable are. Motheboard: scph-79001. Screen: 7" lcd ips...