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  1. Cyframe

    Zelda Themes For RVLoader

    After Aurelio added in support for custom backgrounds into RVLoader, I figured themes like these would become obsolete(and thus, I decided to stop making them). But people are still using my themes, and there are things within my themes that you can't achieve by just changing the background...
  2. Cyframe

    Worklog Ashida Wavebird Worklog

    It's been a long time coming, but it's FINALLY my turn to make an Ashida! I'm hoping to have it done in time for MGC so I can show it off to the bois. My shell was printed in sla by The_Random_Guy and I truly couldn't be more grateful for him kindly selling it to me for an utter steal. While...
  3. Cyframe

    Ashida case print request

    Hello all, I'm looking to get an Ashida case 3d printed in this filament. If you are interested, feel free to reply or contact me on discord. Thanks!
  4. Cyframe

    Weirdest dreams/nightmares

    So last night I had a dream that HackerBilly lived stupidly close to me(which isn't too farfetched considering Noah lives unreasonably close to me). I ended up discovering it because he posted his wifi password in #general of the Bit Built discord for some stupid reason. For whatever reason, I...
  5. Cyframe

    Galaxy Black G-Wii

    I did a thing again. In all seriousness, this one took around as long as the first one for all the wrong reasons. I'll be creating a thread at some point called "Cyframe's Notes" per Shank's suggestion where I'll detail many of the stupid issues I ran into. I learned a lot more this time around...
  6. Cyframe

    Solved Screen driver board

    Due to interference and panel issues I've had to replace the screen in my G-Wii. Luckily I happened to have another 5 inch screen on me, but I'm having trouble modding it for 5 volts. It appears to be an alternative model of the ZJ050NA 08C screen as that is the screen I ordered but the driver...
  7. Cyframe

    Worklog Black G-Wii Rev 2 Worklog

    Per Gman's advice I'm starting a worklog for my second G-Wii. I decided to do it in GameCube indigo because I wanted it to look like a GC controller with a screen. I started this project 2 days ago and I've come pretty far with it. So far I have the batteries, USB PD board, screen, screen...
  8. Cyframe

    I need a G-Wii case printed

    I'm looking to build another G-Wii and I need a case for it, I'd prefer it in either GameCube Indigo(preferred) or red. I also need it the case to be compatible with the new 4 layer tech boards. I live in an eastern part of the USA, shipping details will be given once the purchase is made.
  9. Cyframe

    Mario Themes For RVLoader

    With a bit of work I've put together some new themes for RVLoader! I decided to make some Mario themes this time as I think more people will enjoy these. I've currently only made 5 Super Mario Galaxy themes(again reusing assets once the base ones were created) but I plan to make/release more...
  10. Cyframe

    Anime themes for RVLoader

    Recently I've gotten to work on making themes for RVLoader, with help from @Aurelio of course! The first idea I had for a theme was a Steins;Gate theme. I have other Nintendo related themes that are coming - but hopefully for now, this will quench the thirst people seem to have for custom...
  11. Cyframe

    My Flashy New G-Wii Rev 2

    After almost 6 months(thanks noah), I've finished my first non-kit portable, a G-Wii Rev 2! It features the brand new RVL PMS 2 from! The new PMS features allow me to view my exact battery percentage in RVLoader and also allows me to see my battery life in-game by pressing...
  12. Cyframe

    Solved G-Wii misc questions

    So I've been working on a G-Wii lately as some of you know, and since I've got questions that have been piling up, I figured they would be best answered in the form of a thread. Firstly I wanted to ask, how do the screen controls get wired up? Is there a diagram or something? A little while ago...