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  1. Blabby

    Question Can't get video output from my Wii

    Hi all, I've finally gotten around to wiring up my Wii. When I tried the first test boot, the screen turned on & was set to VGA, then turned off. The Wii began heating up, but that was the only sign of life. Now the screen wont turn on at all, and the only thing that happens is the fan spinning...
  2. Blabby

    Can't get my Ashida Wii case printed

    I've been having an issue- whenever I try and get the models printed thru Craftcloud or JLCPCB, my order is canceled. EDIT: Here's the email I received- Hi Sir/Madam, Well got your order with many thanks~ Sorry to bother you, but there is one thing that we want to confirm with you about...
  3. Blabby

    Worklog First Ashida worklog update

    WORKLOG --- The thought to begin my worklog hasn’t crossed my mind until now, so I’ll just cover the (very little) progress I’ve made until now. I decided that making an Ashida Wii would be the best for my skill level, as it seems like a pretty good beginner’s option (ignoring the lack of...
  4. Blabby

    Question Homebrewing a wii with just the PCB?

    I bought a 4-layer wii PCB from ebay, since it would be significantly cheaper and easier than hunting down a wii with the right board to buy. One thing I did not think about at the time, however, was how I would install the Homebrew channel. How should I go about this? Any help would be very...
  5. Blabby

    Component dimensions

    Hey all, I've been designing my own Wii portable in Fusion360, but I can't seem to find the dimensions anywhere online. What I'm looking for is: -RVL PMS 2 -PMS-PD 2 -OMGWTF Motherboard Trim If anybody has these dimensions handy, please let me know! :)
  6. Blabby

    My own spin on the Ashida Wii!

    I'm not sure what to call it, but here it is! The Proof-Of-Concept was done entirely in Fusion 360.
  7. Blabby

    Question How to get started?

    Hi all! I've been pretty fixated on building a portable wii as of late, and decided (after some surface-level research) that an Ashida would be my best bet for a first project. Thing is, I have very limited knowledge when it comes to hard-modding and electronics, so I have no idea where to even...
  8. Blabby

    Question Simple, inexpensive way to build a portable wii?

    Hi all, i'm new here & was wondering how I could build an untrimmed (still handheld) semi-portable wii that plugs into the wall for power? What components would I need, and what can I leave out/substitute? Would something like this even be possible as a handheld? Thanks!