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  1. Noah

    BitBuilt Updates

    BitBuilt Commununity, To be perfectly honest a while ago I could have never envisioned myself writing this message to you all. But like the seasons, things change in our lives adjusting our trajectory in ways we may not have anticipated. Unfortunately this is one of those times in my life and...
  2. Noah

    Discussion N64 Motherboard Exchange

    Hi everyone, As some of you may be aware, @Gman has been making great strides towards getting a new and improved N64 trimming guide released that will be include the PIF relocation. We have both done several PIF relocation trims at this point and are quite confident in the process. However...
  3. Noah

    2020 Summer Building Competition - Voting!

    The time has come! After a long and hard-fought competition, 6 entrants have crossed the finish line! Now, it's up to you, the community, to decide who will place where by voting for the entries in their respective categories! You can vote here: Voting will...
  4. Noah

    2020 Summer Building Competition - Prizes and Deadline Extension

    Howdy everyone, The end of summer is sadly fast approaching and with it comes the end of the Summer Building Competition. By now I'm sure you've been wondering what kind of prizes we'd have up for grabs this year. We've decided to do away with the cash prizes and go back to our roots of...
  5. Noah

    SOLD: As-is WiiVision

    Hi, Last year Gman was gracious enough to let me build a WiiVision. However, I have not really used it as I built another and this one has a couple of small quirks - The L trigger has an issue where you need to press in a certain area to get the full press to register. I would have fixed this...
  6. Noah

    WARNING: DO NOT BUY FROM PORTAPACKIT!!! Credits for all of the photos goes to @CrazyGadget, luckily it did not explode in his mailbox!!! Normally I am against calling out a member of the...
  7. Noah

    BitBuilt Forum Changes & Launch of BitBuilt Manuals

    Hi Everyone, As I'm sure you all noticed the forums were down for a bit over a day. We used this time to move over to a new VPS that can handle the increased traffic we've had as of late as well as allowing us to grow a bit in the future before needing another upgrade. However, as you may be...
  8. Noah


    RVL-PSU The RVL-PSU is a custom regulator solution for your portable and non-portable projects. It provides system regulators: 1V, 1.15V, 3.3V, and 5V. RVL-PSU does not provide any battery management. For projects involving batteries, it is recommended to use the RVL-PMS instead. Improvements...
  9. Noah

    BitBuilt's 2020 Summer Building Competition

    In 2016, we held the very first Summer Building Competition! Since then, the contest has become a large part of the forums each year. While we didn't have too many people finish last year, with everything that's going on in the world this year I'm hopeful that everyone will be staying inside and...
  10. Noah

    Discussion G-Boy Rev III - DIY Portable Kit

    After many months of development the G-Boy kits are finally here! Huge thanks to @Gman for all of the work to make this possible!
  11. Noah

    Midwest Gaming Classic 2020! (April 3rd - 5th)

    The Midwest Gaming Classic will once again be hosted at the Milwaukee Center in downtown Milwaukee! This year the dates are a little earlier, so the show will be running from April 3rd - 5th. All of your favorite BitBuilt staff members are going to make an appearance as per usual, and we'll be...
  12. Noah

    Worklog Fusion64

    My MGC project, finally revealed! This will be a full recreation of @TodorSauce's N64P, a project that truly inspired me to jump feet first into portablizing, in CAD as well as being fully 3D printed for neat internals and clean wire management. :D I've been debating over whether to keep this as...
  13. Noah

    Worklog Wii Slate Mini

    So, after nearly 4 years after Wii portables became a thing I'm finally ready and comfortable enough to begin work on a fully CAD designed portable of my own. Some of you who are active in the discord may have seen little teasers here and there of this project, but this is most likely where I...
  14. Noah

    G-Wii Christmas Giveaway Stream

    Hi everyone, Sometime over the next couple of weeks I will be hosting a very special G-Wii assembly stream in which I will be putting together a G-Wii in a color chosen by the community. However, at the end of the stream when we have a completed G-Wii, I will select a random viewer from the...
  15. Noah

    BitBuilt's 2019 Summer Building Competition: The Breakdown

    It's been some time since the 2019 Summer Building Competition has ended. Now, we want to give you an extended look at just how the winners of this competition became victorious and how they placed where they did. We had 83 votes in this year's contest. A new record for community engagement...
  16. Noah

    BitBuilt's 2019 Summer Building Contest: The Results!

    Dozens of people may have entered, but in the end only three members completed their submissions for this year's Summer Building Contest! GingerOfOz with his Louii, Gman with his 2DC, and Nold with his 2SP! The community has decided, and with over 80 members voting this year it is now time to...
  17. Noah

    BitBuilt's 2019 Summer Building Contest: Voting!

    It's time to vote on the contest winners for this year! You can cast your votes here: Voting will close next Friday, August 30th. Good luck everyone!
  18. Noah

    [SOLD] For sale: G-Wii Rev 2

    Hey everyone, I built this G-Wii on stream last weekend and as much as I'd like to keep it, unfortunately I've already built one for myself and can't really justify keeping it around since most likely all it would be doing is collecting dust! So I'd like to sell it to someone who's willing to...
  19. Noah

    G-Wii Rev 2 Build

    So I built this G-Wii a couple of months ago live on stream (took about ~10 hours) and forgot to post it here! After we all built the BB-Wii at MGC this year, I knew I wanted to build one for myself. Better late than never I suppose, so here it is: Nothing special in terms of features...
  20. Noah

    BitBuilt's 2019 Summer Building Contest

    It's that time of the year again! The 2019 Summer Building Contest is officially on and it's time to kick things off once again. Below you'll find all of the information currently available on the contest. With this post, registration is officially open so if you plan on entering the contest...