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  1. Noah

    Question 3 Months Still No Update

    Hi, I will let you know when I have further news to share, it shouldn’t be too much longer. All currently placed orders will be shipped and if you’d like a refund instead that’s totally understandable. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Noah

    BitBuilt Updates

    BitBuilt Commununity, To be perfectly honest a while ago I could have never envisioned myself writing this message to you all. But like the seasons, things change in our lives adjusting our trajectory in ways we may not have anticipated. Unfortunately this is one of those times in my life and...
  3. Noah

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Oh nice! Learn something new every day haha. Still, I’m not sure he’ll add support but if they work then I’d wait for him to chime in to be sure
  4. Noah

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    I’m fairly certain the max size SD the Wii can use is 32GB. There are a number of low profile USB drives that won’t stick out a bunch on the back though! Aurelio’s answer is likely to be that since this software is developed with portables in mind SD support won’t be coming.
  5. Noah

    melee custom gcc motherboard

    I had a look myself, GC controllers that would be viable candidates can be found on the first page of eBay results for under $30. I'm not saying that he's not doing a lot of work or that his work doesn't warrant a higher cost due to labor, but there's no way the BOM to build one of these is even...
  6. Noah

    melee custom gcc motherboard

    $250 is absolutely insane to be completely honest. If he's using OShitPark for his boards he should really look into JLC, they would probably do 10 for $5 lmao Can't imagine why anyone would pay that much for this, you can build an entire portable for less.
  7. Noah

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    Watched through the video with auto-translated subtitles so I could kind of get an idea of what you were saying but man, you did an awesome job! Great explanations and great showcase of the process of assembling the PCBs yourself. Can't wait to see what you plan on doing next!
  8. Noah

    Community updates to Assembly Guide?

    Thanks for the very detailed feedback, we'll make sure these changes are incorporated into future updates to the guides! Glad you still had fun even though you ran into problems. The panel included isn't 480P so it's not full resolution for what the Wii is outputting. Unfortunately we could...
  9. Noah

    Wii wiring

    Yes. This subforum is also for G-Boy questions, if you're building a G-Boy you should definitely not be using a 6-layer motherboard as stated in the manual.
  10. Noah

    Community updates to Assembly Guide?

    The manual software is proprietary so it can't be community edited, that's by design. What exactly did you have trouble with? Many people have been able to get their kit fully assembled without asking a single question. And for those who have issues/questions we include an invite to the G-Boy...
  11. Noah

    Alternative to Bluetooth Relocation?

    The Bluetooth relocation is only worth doing if you plan on playing games with a Wii remote or need to get into the system menu settings. Otherwise GC2Wiimote is the superior option. With BBLoader the BT module isn't even needed for booting Wii games.
  12. Noah

    Worklog Pears' N64 Portable

    Wow great job! It looks amazing inside and out for a first!
  13. Noah

    Discussion N64 Motherboard Exchange

    Hi everyone, As some of you may be aware, @Gman has been making great strides towards getting a new and improved N64 trimming guide released that will be include the PIF relocation. We have both done several PIF relocation trims at this point and are quite confident in the process. However...
  14. Noah

    Question Gc+2.0 help

    Have you run the GC+ 2.0 Configurator homebrew? You can set the ranges of the sticks in there.
  15. Noah

    GCii Pocket

    You really never fail to impress nold! This thing is awesome. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming next!
  16. Noah

    Release GC2Wiimote - beta

    I would use BBLoader, it comes with GC2Wiimote built in and it's much better at launching Wii games than USB Loader GX.
  17. Noah

    G-boy gamecube ports and hdmi out

    I’ve heard that the Wii U GameCube adapter works on the Wii if you wire it up to the USB port. Might be a better option, then you’d just need to put a full-size or even mini/micro USB port somewhere on the case that’s wired to the secondary USB vias on your Wii.
  18. Noah

    Model G-Wii CAD files

    You can get a set from amazon for laptops. I've bought this one before and it works well. You get more than enough screws for 2-3 builds.
  19. Noah

    Order Update

    Nope, thank you! The store wouldn't be around if we didn't have awesome people like you supporting it!
  20. Noah

    Order Update

    Hi, Some of those packages were sent out later than others but yours did ship out. Give the tracking another day or two and it should be updated! Thanks!