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  1. Toaster912

    Selling stuff for powermii lite

    Hey everybody! Today I will be selling some of my stuff that I might not use, since I don't need the pth08080s and instead I'm getting a powermii lite, if they are available I suppose :) Well then let's get onto it shall wii! 1. Regulators I'm not sure if these are the right resistance but I'm...
  2. Toaster912

    Question laser cutting case?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone laser cuts sl-68 cases? I already have a ZN45 case but I figured that would be too bulky, if anyone has a laser cutter and can cut me a case I'd love to contact you!\ Edit:I really don't need that case anymore, but thanks
  3. Toaster912

    Question Screen for Wii portable

    So I was trying to put rhe ribbon cable on my screen board but the thing snapped of.. is there a way I can fix this problem?
  4. Toaster912

    Worklog Ryan's wii portable

    So I finally started to trim my wii motherboard, I've got to say it's a pain in the ass. Anyways after a long time of sanding I think I'm good. If anyone else has any advice I'd love to hear it, thanks.
  5. Toaster912

    Solved Component removed

    So I just finished removing a component from the board, took a while but I think I finally got it. Anything look wrong with it? I had to remove for the trim OMGWTF. I was pretty scared on trying to remove it, will it short circuit?
  6. Toaster912

    Question PS3 anolag sticks

    I'm wondering if I could use Ps3 joysticks for my Wii portable? Because I already have my GC+ board.
  7. Toaster912

    Solved Wii portable Controller buttons

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can link me to were I can get new 3ds buttons for my Wii portable?
  8. Toaster912

    Question Onboard regulators

    Does anybody recommend taking this off? Gman made that image BTW, so all credits go to him.
  9. Toaster912

    Solved Preparing for trim

    I have a question that I have wondered for along time, should I take off these parts? Or can I just take it off with pliers? Thanks
  10. Toaster912

    Solved Wii portable trimming

    Hi, how do I take out the GameCube ports when I am trimming? Is it really necessary to take it out when I do the OMGWTF trim for my 6 layer board? Thanks
  11. Toaster912

    Question Video on portablizemii

    Hi, I was watching some of ShockSlayer's videos and he had a video (intro) start up when he turned on his Wii, and it booted into portablizemii. I would really like to know how to do this. Any help is appreciated thanks.
  12. Toaster912

    Question Black plastic part

    hi there is a black plastic part in the way of the OMGWTF trim. How do I remove the part that's in the way of the red line? Also if I get a ZN-45 case from do I need to trim the Wii?
  13. Toaster912

    Question Case Commissions

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is doing case commissions? Or if anyone has a CNC machine and I can buy a ZN-45 case with the GameCube controller holes with it? Please I really want a good looking case with my GameCube case thanks.
  14. Toaster912

    Question Custom Regulators

    Hi, does anyone know were to get custom regulators after installing PortablizeMii? And how to hook it up? Thanks
  15. Toaster912

    Question First Wii Portable

    This is what I have so far. So I was wondering how can you tell what is the voltage on your screen/monitor? Another question how do I hook up the screen?
  16. Toaster912

    Solved PortablizeMii Freezing

    Hi, when I installed PortablizeMii on my Wii it freezes at the "Configuration file created successfully" page and I don't know what to do at this point. Please any help is appreciated. Thanks
  17. Toaster912

    Solved Portablizemii

    Hi, whenever I try to load letterbomb it just goes straight back to the home menu. Is there any fix on this? Please help me.
  18. Toaster912

    Question SD card slot

    I think my SD Card slot is dirty what can I clean it with? And that's probably why portablizemii isn't showing up:/ is it that dirty?
  19. Toaster912


    Is this a good guide to follow if I want to build a Wii portable but a first timer?
  20. Toaster912

    Solved Portablize mii

    Portablize Mii isn't loading on my Wii the SD card works just not the portablize mii booting on the Wii? Any help is appreciated. I just want to get started trimming the motherboard! Thanks