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  1. CrashBash

    BitBuilt's 2022 Summer Building Competition

    No; you can have that wherever in your thread. It may be easier for others to follow your project though if you have the final product in the original post so you're welcome to do that! The one requirement, new this year, is that you will need to change the thread prefix to "complete" once your...
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    MGC 2022

  3. CrashBash

    Question Wii media player

    If we're taking about the same application I fail to see how a UI made up of text based menus is psychotic. If your unhappy with the media players on the wiibrew wiki your probably out of luck unless you're going to dig around for archived versions of the dead links (or develop your own front...
  4. CrashBash

    Question Wii media player

    I believe I have used Mplayer CE on my gboy. Let me know if that doesn't work and I'll check when I get home. Note it has some interesting controls of you're not a Mplayer/mpv user or are using it your first time lol.
  5. CrashBash

    Question Are there a lot of people wanting to buy a portable wii in Europe?

    Isn't this basically identical to the other thread that you created here? Also GOOD LORD 5 threads in, what, a day? You don't need to create a new thread for every single question that you may...
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    BitBuilt's 2022 Summer Building Competition

    In what feels like an instant, Winter is gone and Summer is approaching, and along with it the 7th Summer Contest. We've continued to see new members and projects alike this year despite the ongoing chip shortages and look forward to what innovations will be made for contest entries. Grab your...
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    MGC 2022

    Remember MGC 2021? Yeah, it was only 6 months ago due to being off-schedule due to 'rona. That being said, MGC '22 has already came and went. The event was on 3 floors this year. Felt kind of weird with everything spread out. Size comparisons Tesla decided to show up... I guess. Wonder...
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hey, we must have been convincing enough to get you to show up here! Jokes aside it's good to see you here and welcome!
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    The Toyota Siienna

    Man. Really needs to be the Toyota Previia. Also DO IT.
  10. CrashBash

    Question Wii Portable Recommendation?

    Hot air can be beneficial for removing the LDO amongst other things but by no means is a requirement, especially if you have a good iron. If you're using the 4LayerTech PMS lite then you don't even want to remove the LDO.
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    This thread is over 8 months old - no need to bump it. Wesk's statement still stands for now regarding the G-Boy's availability.
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    Question Is there a step-by-step portablizing guide (wii)?

    While you can pretty much read through the old g-boy manual, I'd also highly recommend you read over the Wii trimming guide and the rest of the forums as well. Once you know what you're at the compendium can also be a major aid. There some videos out there but they can become pretty stagnant in...
  13. CrashBash

    Question Louii road

    1.8V can be found here. I really should update the image you linked. To confirm, you are filling out the table with your black probe on the rail labeled on the left and your red probe on the voltage rail labeled on the top? Also, you have your multimeter set to continuity. You should be...
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    Question How could I make a portable Wii for under $80?

    The original post is from a year ago and the poster hasn't been online on the forums since August.
  15. CrashBash

    Worklog CrashBash's Post-build G-Boy Rev3 Worklog

    Hello all. Some of you may have heard of me. I'm CrashBash. A while back I finally got my hands on a G-Boy rev3 kit. The G-Boy ended up being the first portable I've completed - I've lurked/been in the community for "a while"... but I'll leave that story to the cutting edge post that I'll make...
  16. CrashBash

    Question Cursor Analog Stick?

    This thread is nearing 6 years old. In 2016 the Wii portabilizing revolution was just beginning - in the time since then, we've achieved software patches to emulate Wii controls with a GC controller. Please avoid bumping old threads @Leon lat. Edit: I've also edited your post to contain the...
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    How to make a very simple portable Wii?

    > 83.2Wh Shieeeeeeeeeeeeet That's uh, big and heavy. If I remember correctly Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are typically heavier and more rugged but not as energy dense. So it's probably not as practical for your use case.
  18. CrashBash

    Question wii portable parts

    You linked to a private Google Sheet. Please just post them the contents in your original post, maybe using the forum's table feature. That way we can all see it and it can maybe help others months down the line when you've maybe deleted the file from your Google drive.
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    Worklog My Wii WaveBird

    This is almost looking like a frankencase'd Ashida. I love it. Look forward to seeing how it turns out!
  20. CrashBash

    Ashida Wii Portable

    Please stop posting in the same thread in rapid succession. Read the forum rules. There's files specifically for PCBWay. Look at the filenames.