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  1. Luca


    The L-Wii Hey everyone! This is my contest entry, the L-Wii. It's using Jackson's bt replacement project, an RVL-PMS, u-amp and direct lcd driver on one custom PCB. It will require an omega trim and custom flex PCBs... Note: the layout of some components have changed already since making these...
  2. Luca

    Solved Trimmed Wii Black Screen

    Whenever I try to boot up my trimmed Wii with a PMS, I get a black screen. To power my board, I am using a PMS bought from the BitBuilt store which outputs the correct voltages on every voltage line. When I power on the PMS, I get 3.2v on pin 4 on U10. The bottom three pins of U10 are connected...
  3. Luca

    Question Samsung 64GB flash drive

    I know a lot of people use this 128GB Samsung flash drive because of the great compatibility with Wii homebrew but I think the price is a bit steep and I don't think I would use all of the 128 gigs, I'd rather get the 64gb one. Has anyone used it with PortablizeMii before? It'd be great to know...
  4. Luca

    Worklog Luwiigi Portable Worklog!

    Hey everyone! In this worklog, I'm going to present my work on a followup to my Wii laptop. I had some major issues with that portable that want to fix in this version. They include: External USB ports, Internal controls, a proper screen, good battery life, reduced size and a custom case...
  5. Luca

    Worklog PS3 Supa Slim Laptop

    I have just started this project a few weeks ago, buy haven't had much time to make much progress cuz school 'n stuff. My first idea was to 3d-print a case to fit the ps3 inside of and use a screen I have and stick it on top of that with some hinges. Now I've realized I don't have the necessary...
  6. Luca

    Portable Wii Laptop

    I have worked on this project for 4 months now. I'm done. I have a video. The first 2 minutes upon startup the screen goes crazy. No idea how to fix that, but games play fine. Inside is a mess. Fin.