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  1. Aaron Miller

    Question What is this component?

    I was looking at the USB-C PD board in the store, the USB-C PD DEEP DIVE on Gman's blog, and the datasheet for the stusb4500 chip, in order to learn more about how power delivery negotiation and other related concepts work. In doing so, I have been able to figure out the purpose of a lot of the...
  2. Aaron Miller

    Question BitBuilt-Purchased Screen Flickering

    I got my BitBuilt order a couple days ago. I connected an untrimmed Wii to the screen and it worked just fine. All of a sudden, it is now just flickering about once every second. I thought that the 9V battery I was using was dead, but replacing it with a different battery that measured 8.2V did...
  3. Aaron Miller

    Question How will the Nintendo leak affect things?

    For those of you who haven't heard, there was a recent leak of some Nintendo stuff that apparently includes everything from N64 tech demos to the very source code of the Wii itself. If you search "Nintendo Leak," you'll be bombarded with news stories about it. Reportedly, the ~3GB of info that...
  4. Aaron Miller

    OMGWTF Compendium Expansion

    I have found the Compendium, as well as the many guides here on BitBuilt, to be indispensable tools. However, sometimes, especially when I first started, it is somewhat difficult to see how everything fits together, and how to do some of the stuff you may want to do. In response to this, I have...
  5. Aaron Miller

    Question Multimeter Recommendation

    I am looking to buy a multimeter. I am currently using my dad's, but it's actually a clamp meter and it's more for electrical work, so it's not as precise, and it's pretty old anyway. I'd like one that's not too expensive, but actually works well, and if possible, I'd like to be able to use...
  6. Aaron Miller

    Worklog Q*Mini Arcade Game Redesign

    A couple of years ago, I bought a miniature handheld arcade machine featuring the game Q*bert. Recently, I saw it in my closet, and thought, "hey, you know what, that thing isn't very comfortable to play, why don't I redesign it!" So that's what I'm going to do. In total, I'm going to: Design...
  7. Aaron Miller

    Question Voltage Regulation

    I am redesigning a mini-arcade machine, and I would like to make it rechargeable. It requires 4.5v of electricity. I was going to use a pth08080wah regulator, but I was thinking: would I be able to just use a rechargeable 9v battery and a simple 2-resistor voltage divider instead?
  8. Aaron Miller

    Question Would this N64 board work for a portable?

    I would like to do a N64 portable sometime once I get more experience. Until then, I have been looking around, and I was wondering about this board. It is listed as a refurb kit, which is why I wasn’t sure. If this one does work, is this a good price?
  9. Aaron Miller

    Question D-pads for portables

    I am wondering what d-pad I should use for making portables. I’ve seen a few places that I should use a DSL d-pad, but when I look it up, it seems like everyone has a different opinion. However, those opinions aren’t based on the perspective of making a portable, rather, they are based on the...
  10. Aaron Miller

    Question Q*Mini Eligibility for Summer Building Competition

    (There is a TL;DR at the bottom.) I have come up with a cheap, quick, and easy portable that I would like to "make". I say "make" because it actually is already made, I am simply modifying it. I found a Q*bert mini arcade game at a thrift store for a couple bucks, and I played around with it for...
  11. Aaron Miller

    Worklog Could someone take a look at my parts list?

    Thanks for everybody's help in editing my parts list. I think it's finally ready, and I can't wait to get started. All that's left is to get a little bit more money so that I can actually buy the stuff.!AmaALa0s8gZanlzL5dPSbFwH4nRm?e=ujlWaq
  12. Aaron Miller

    Question U-AMP and Headphone Jacks

    I saw that the U-AMP has different jumper configurations depending on if you are using I2S or Analog Audio. What is I2S, and how does it differ from Analog Audio? Also, I would like to connect a 3.5mm headphone jack to my U-AMP, but I’ve found multiple jacks, some with 3 pins and some with 5...
  13. Aaron Miller

    Question GC Joysticks

    From what I’ve been able to tell, in pretty much any Wii/GameCube portable, you’re going to have two joysticks: one main joystick and one c-stick. I was looking at the motherboard for a GameCube controller, and I saw that only the c-stick looked like it could be feasibly removed for use in my...
  14. Aaron Miller

    Need help with screen and video amp

    I am working on making a parts list for my first Wii portable, which I am thinking about calling the Shrink Mii. At the moment, I am looking for a screen and screen-related hardware, I kind of need a bit of help. I would like a 5-6 inch screen, and from what I’ve read I think I’m looking for a...