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  1. frostedfires

    GPD Win

    Anyone check out the new portable windows PC with gaming controls on the market lately? It's the GPD Win and my wife got me one for an early Christmas gift. Super sweet and plays N64 games flawlessly with some Gamecube + Wii games too (many don't run full speed but a lot work well).
  2. frostedfires

    Would this wiring work for a USB splitter?

    Ok, weird question but I have a computer with only one USB 3.0 slot on it... Can I buy a USB 2.0 splitter like this one (limited on room inside it so need a tiny one): Then, solder the GND, D+, D-, VCC from the mother board to the HUB. Then on one of the hubs 2 additional 2.0 slots, I...