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  1. Dynamic_Hayden

    Worklog Ashida My First Portable

    So ever since about September I have been hyperfixated on portables and console modding. Finally, here I am building my own. As for my first time doing this I have decided to build a Ashida. After a bunch of research I'm at 90% 80% 75% of understanding on how to build this. Anyways for my first...
  2. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved Which Gamecube joystick should I buy?

    So as part of building an Ashida I need some GC joysticks. The BOM doesn't give a link to any but does recommend to harvest some from a GC controller but that has proved to be a colossal pain in the ass to try and remove them without wrecking them. So I have decided to go down the lazy path and...
  3. Dynamic_Hayden

    Question What 3d printer is best for portable cases

    I'm getting tired of paying pcbway absorbent amounts for 3d prints so I think its finally time I get a 3d printer of my own. So I got some questions about 3d printers I hope you wont mind answering. -Which 3d printer should I get with no previous experiences 3d printing -Which filament...
  4. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved Wii error code 32007 help

    Hi, I am trying to update my Wii to 4.3, and every time I attempt an update I get error code 32007. The progress bar doesn't even really move before this happens. Most online recources say that this is because of a softmod update blocker but I have tried to boot into priiloader by holding down...
  5. Dynamic_Hayden

    Worklog Wii Micro First Wii project

    Hello, I have been interested in Wii modding for quite a while and I've been practicing soldering for a few months and I finally worked up the courage to try a Wii project. As the title states, I'm gonna do a Wii Micro to help dip my toes into Wii modding. Also this is my first project and I...
  6. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved How do I remove the gc memory card slot on the Wii

    I decided on doing a Wii micro as a first Wii project and something interesting I noticed with the trim is it leaves part of where the GC memory card slot would go and as a result, it requires the removal of the GC memory card slot. Though I am unsure of how I'm supposed to do this and I haven't...
  7. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved How long should I wait before trimming my wii after disconnecting power

    I am about to start my first wii project but just to be safe I wanna ask if there is a set amount of time I should wait after unplugging my Wii before it's safe to start slicing up the motherboard or can I just unplug it and get to cutting.
  8. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved Ashida Help

    Hello, I am just about to order my parts for my own Ashida but there are a few things I need some clarification on. Also, I'm sorry if these are dumb questions I am still relatively new to console modding. -When using the u10 emulation from the RVL-PMS do I only have to remove the u5 chip and...
  9. Dynamic_Hayden

    Question Wii Micro Voltage Rewiring

    Hello, I have kind of a noobie question. In Nold's Wii Micro what point does the other end of the cut-off yellow wire get soldered to? Also, does that image show all of the voltage rewirings needed (excluding 1.8v, 3.3v, 1.15v, and 1v of course)?
  10. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved Where should I get 18650 batteries from?

    I've been seeing a lot on the forums here that a lot of people like the 18650 batteries but there are apparently alot of fakes being sold. So does anyone know a safe and reliable place to get these batteries without the prices being really jacked up? (Also I live in North America so preferably a...
  11. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved Is SNES motherboard the same as NES

    I'm researching for a SNES portable and while doing so a lot of people were saying the SNES motherboard is the exact same as the NES motherboard. If this is true is working on a SNES the same as an NES just with some updated software? (I know its probably better and easier just to use a Rasberry...
  12. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved Any guides on building a Wii Portable

    So I have been doing some research on BitBuilt about the Wii portable and I know how to trim down the motherboard and make it smaller but that's as far as I know. Does anyone know any step-by-step guide on how to build a Wii Portable because all the ones I have been seeing are for the no longer...
  13. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved 4 layer Wii boards 2 difficult solder connections

    In the Revision Identification Guide its stated that the 4 layer boards are a lot better power and heat-wise but it needs 2 difficult solder connections. For research purposes does anyone know if it is worth using the 4 layer board over the 6 layer one or is the solder connections too difficult...
  14. Dynamic_Hayden

    Question Im makeing an NES handheld/portable and need help finding a case

    Im curently in the process of attempting to build my very first portable (NES to be pecific). I have gathered most of my parts but dont know much about getting a case for the build. If you know of any good cases I can cut or use please tell me. PS: Im using a PSone screen for the video so it...