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  1. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    Thanks man :) Yea I will be using a custom heat sink, I have already did some test, but I need to take picture with thermal camera.
  2. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    It is not 100% of battery, the big VRM that power the XCGPU are powered with the 360 PSU. But it is the next step :)
  3. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    Xbox 360 is on a diet again ! I receive my custom PCB, so for now the PCB with the "low" power side work great, all regulator are fine. And the circuit that manage the power path and the batterie charging look to be ok (after some difficulties of course). The power ON/OFF latch circuit work...
  4. Benge

    Worklog First Portable: The PS2

    Oh, pretty nice start ! For your PMS you need to make the switching side area of the regulator inductor the smaller possible and the closest to the circuit (or mosfet). I don't know if you are using a 4 layer board but for the power supply I really recommend it, even if it can go over 2 layers...
  5. Benge

    Worklog MX Relocation Custom PCB

    Pretty nice if it is smaller than original, and it is also a lot more clean ! With the battery on the back, it can simplify a lot the connection process
  6. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (Xbenge-360)

    Yeeee Here are the planned specs : Thinner than 50 mm (easy, but not possible if I use original controller style shape). 8" IPS <3 Screen 4S 10 000mAh 16.8V lithium battery (maybe li-po or 21700 li-ion) Play time goal : 1 to 2 H USB-C charge and play (100W, 20V 5A) Wifi For now I have finish...
  7. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    Thank you man ! Here is the video, I corrected the automatic subtitles in French, so I hope the auto translate work well ! I have way too much data to update the thread, so I think I'll do a compilation at the end as a big guide
  8. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    For the controller, I searched if there is a way to replace it with microcontroller but I saw that there were MS security and that apparently it was not possible. So I'm thinking of using the chip of an original one or a chinese copy one
  9. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    The big PCB is almost finished, now I have to make another PCB which will contain the other regulators, the charging circuit and the main powering up system. I really don't want to code anything for this project because I suck at coding, and I already have enough headaches with the calculations...
  10. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    After a very long time of research, reading, learning, and calculations, here is my custom VRM for the XCGPU, 4 phase instead of 2. It's not quite finished, but it's in progress, so if you have any suggestions let me know ;)
  11. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    I don't know if I can share some screenshot of the shematic of the Xbox 360 because I think it is property of MS ? It can be better to explain. 3 - Use other Better Voltage Regulator ! Some regulators could only have Vin up to 14.5V, and I plan to go up to 20V (I will explain you why later)...
  12. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    Thanks man, for this very detailed test :) Personally I tried with and Photoshop, but I quickly gave up because it was doing nonsense, gimp seems to do a much better job ! I will try if I have better result, it can be a huge² time saver. I had also looked for edge detection algorithms...
  13. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    2 - Voltage Regulator test and research : I removed the GPUPCIE 1.5V LDO reg and replaced with a synchronous one (Wii PSU) After that some glitch appears on the screen. So I replace the LDO, but the console won't boot anymore, and I got a strange very low resistor on this Voltage line. After...
  14. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    The board to use is Corona, Trinity have One aditionnal chip for video. With Corona it is in the southbridge. And unfortunately the last board revision "Winchester" are not possible yet to Hack 1 - Power Consumption I measures : V_MEM 1.8V : 3.8A Max 3.6A moy in game (6.48W) V_CPUDRAM 1.075V ...
  15. Benge

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    I made some advancement in the research, Like, found the better model to work with and other stuff, I don't have taken picture yet, so I don't go to explain that now. I also made some measurement ... But for now I am making a Compendium, I sanded a dead board, for now only 2 sides. For the...
  16. Benge

    Portable lcd

    Very convenient thing :)
  17. Benge

    Question Ps2 design help

    Here it is how I did on my O-Wii. You just need to adjust the button angle and clearance with some test prints.
  18. Benge

    I just made another O-Wii - but V2.2

    This new version feature : - two leds to have a sensor bar (tricky but it fit). - New improved custom PCBs - Better 3D design choice I put all detail in the Worklog And here is the result !
  19. Benge

    Worklog Portable Windows Game Console

    Very clean console, I love the color <3 Nice idea to use this type of mini pc instead of Rpi or latepanda. I want the youtube link !
  20. Benge

    Release PS Vita Buttons 3D Files

    I don't know, I buy mine on Ebay, if you know tell me I will update the post ;)