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  1. A_s6

    non open source products?

    now that the store won’t be restocked, are there any plans for non open source products like the nand relocation flex, or will it be up to the creator to release the files(if they want to)?
  2. A_s6

    crude diy mic?

    so i’ve been itching to build something lately, preferably something with an actual purpose. to this day i’ve been using my computer’s internal mic and it’s pretty average. what i’d like to do is somehow hack together a mic on par with or better than my computer’s mic. so far i’ve looked into...
  3. A_s6

    melee custom gcc motherboard

    so i saw this on youtube and i was intrigued: from what i can gather it’s a custom gcc controller with modifications made for high level melee. they seem really expensive at $250 for each board. i don’t really know much about melee, so could someone with more knowledge than me explain what...
  4. A_s6

    Question do i need an oscilloscope?

    i've been learning electronics, and the instructor of the course says that an oscilloscope is a must. unfortunately i don't have the money for good bench oscilloscopes. there are some cheap handheld oscilloscopes and oscilloscope kits on amazon, but i'm not sure if they're good enough. i also...
  5. A_s6

    story about my terrible soldering

    so when i was about 9 years old, i became obsessed with building robots. so, i bought the cheapest firestick, solder, and arduino nano clone i could find and i started building. this year when i discovered bitbuilt, i realized that the tools i bought were terrible, so i got a decent iron, some...
  6. A_s6

    Worklog Hypothetical Pi Portable

    for a while now, i've been interested in building a raspberry pi portable but I might not be able to depending on the price of parts, hence the name "hypothetical pi portable". i do have a question before i start compiling a BOM and planning my build. i’m planning on using a raspberry pi 4 and...
  7. A_s6

    where to buy a pocket gman?

    where can i get a pocket gman? i’ve heard they help with electronics as they are miniature versions of gman.
  8. A_s6

    Question GC+ 2.0 for a Nintendo Switch controller

    Is it possible to use the GC+ 2.0 to build a switch controller? I was thinking that I could build a controller using it that connects wirelessly to the switch, but I'm not sure if it's possible.
  9. A_s6

    Question Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Spoofing

    I really don't know where else to put this because most things I see on Bitbuilt are hardware based, but I guess I'll just post it here. I have an Nvidia Shield Controller that's been lying around. I only have the included joycons for my switch, so I'd like to use the Nvidia controller on my...