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  1. PiR8_BTY

    Worklog PiR8_BTY's Ashida Worklog(s)

    Hey Everyone! I have been following the Ashida portable project since it was announced and was elated once it dropped. Now that the wait is over, it's that time again to get portablizing! Join me in my build as I mentally kick myself to the finish line. :mrgreen: I want to go for a complete...
  2. PiR8_BTY

    G-wii Rev 2 Case + Extras ($75 Shipped) [SOLD]

    Hello All! I am selling my G-wii (rev_2) Case + Extras. I abandoned this once the ashida project dropped and shifted my focus to that. What you will receive: PLA 3D printed G-wii (Rev_2) Case (compatible with 4layertech wii portable management PCBs). 5" VGA LCD Screen + OSD board (Purchased...
  3. PiR8_BTY

    G-wii case (rev 2.2)

    Hi everyone, Anyone have a newly revised g-wii case to accommodate the new 4-layer technologies pcbs? Thanks!
  4. PiR8_BTY

    FS: Trimmed Mobo w/ Extras.

    Hi Everyone, Selling some extra trimmed mobo's I made. These are all 4-Layer motherboards with the Standard omgwtf trim. I will be throwing in the BT module/clock pcb. Boards were trimmed and sanded to 1000 grit and all pass the resistance test and have already had the mx relocation take place...
  5. PiR8_BTY

    U10 Relocation Question

    Hi everyone, Regarding the U10 Relocation. I saw that we need to remove part of a trace on the motherboard. The photos and guide I saw online werent the best pictures for such a critical moment, lol. Just wanted to confirm...All I need to remove is just a portion of the trace (A couple mil) to...
  6. PiR8_BTY

    Did I Over trim the Motherboard?

    Hi folks, I just trimmed my motherboard following the instructions. After looking at a few members trims, I noticed the area on the bottom right was completely intact. Please see my trim below. (I am worried about the area on the bottom right in the first picture)
  7. PiR8_BTY

    Fan Not Turning On (Step 7)

    Hi Folks, I finished step 7 of the guide (wiring the USB-C PCB) but I have not been able to turn on the fan. The (1) battery is 3.73v to the PMS and I checked for continuity across all my wires and everything checked out. I saw that the manual is for the old PMS, so I have nothing visual to...
  8. PiR8_BTY

    PiR8_BTY's Build Thread

    Hey Folks, Thought I would be the first to do the honors of posting my g-boy worklog. I got the kit last night and continued to burn the midnight oil to get as much done possible (all the while taking it slow and methodical). Overall so very very pleased with the kit and luckily I got the...