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  1. CalebPikmin

    Ashida Gunmetal Edition

    Ashida Gunmetal Edition Introducing the Ashida Gunmetal Edition!!! Not perfect... but getting better at these portables! I still need to troubleshoot the Bluetooth after updating the firmware but I think I figured it out for the most part. Been playing this solid for a couple weeks! Now...
  2. CalebPikmin

    Worklog Black Ashida

    Starting my Ashida worklog. Here we go! Huge thank you to @Wesk for creating such a cool portable design! And thank you to @Gman for printing again for me! And of course 4layertech for the PCBs! You guys rock. Original Thread from Wesk...
  3. CalebPikmin

    G-Wii Yellow *Pikmin Edition

    G-Wii Yellow *Pikmin Edition! Introducing the G-Wii Yellow (Pikmin Edition)! I am not an expert on any of this but after lurking on the forums forever; I finally decided to start a Wii portable project! I loved the G-Wii design and thought I would give it a shot! Huge thank you to @Gman...
  4. CalebPikmin

    Worklog G-Wii Yellow

    Here we go! I'm not 100% on what I am doing but figuring it out as I go. I have some great mentors here and really appreciate them answering all my crazy questions! Thank you G-Man for printing the case for me and answering my questions! Cyframe thanks for helping me out with all the...
  5. CalebPikmin

    Portables on Airplanes?

    Has anyone brought a portable on an airplane? Any weird looks at you on the plane? Post your experiences haha. I am very curious :)
  6. CalebPikmin

    Yellow G-Boy

    This is the Yellow G-Boy! I did not build this but G-Man himself made it for me (later on with some more experience I will try it myself, but for now I really wanted to get my hands on one!). Thank you G-Man!!! I really like the yellow switch lite and wanted one just like it :)! Also I might...
  7. CalebPikmin

    G-Boy Controls

    Hey sorry if I missed this somewhere but is there a certain set of quick select buttons specifically for the G-Boy? Like if someone wanted to changed screen brightness or color or maybe another set of quick select options? I know I have read from some different post with that being the case...
  8. CalebPikmin

    Screen Guides available?

    Hiya BitBuilt peeps! I have a question regarding LCD screens for portables. Mainly seeing if there is a guide out there on this subject and if someone could assist. If I buy a screen, I would also need a board that has all the components that I would need as well correct? Such as audio video...
  9. CalebPikmin

    N64 boards for cheap

    Any suggestions on buying N64 boards for cheap? Trying to find online and local but the cheapest I could find was 60 dollars. Seems a little steep but what do you guys/gals think?
  10. CalebPikmin

    Worklog "Tool64" my first Portable ever!!!

    Hey guys, this is going to be my first portable and I am super new and probably will end up hurting myself and the parts I use. My case will be made up of two different sides of a two screwdriver set cases (hence the name, ",Tool64"). I love the color of the green so if it doesn't work with the...