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    Question Brawl GameCube controller repeated/turbo inputs

    you may have to twist your GCC data line with a ground wire. When I first wired GCC data while building my ashida, the controller settings tab in RVLoader would flicker so I rewired and it stopped flickering however even though it looks good, it still flickers in wii games that allow the use of...
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    Question Charger

    This charger does seem a little beefy, however on the 4-Layer PMS product page, it says that it supports a configurable charge speed with input power up to 15V 3A (45 Watts), and looking at the picture you have, it seems your charger outputs 15V 3A max. So I think you should be fine. Hope this...
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    Question Speaker replacement that works with U-amp?

    Unfortunately the 4-layer store doesn't stock the SP-1511S-3 speakers, and im assuming the shipping costs so much due to the area your living. All I can recommend is searching the part number in google and looking at your other purchasing options for these speakers to see if you can get them...
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    Worklog Adventures of Commissioner Legend: Part 1 (Ashida)

    Hello again Bitbuilt! Not so long ago I built my first actual portable, and that portable happened to be the Ashida due to its sleek design and practicality. Since building, I've put many hours into playing my favorite childhood games, and I'm thankful to be able to re-experience those...
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    Worklog Legends Ashida

    Thank you! I had it printed with UTR-8100 Transparent Resin, then dyed with Pantone 2103 U.
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    Worklog Legends Ashida

    Big Update: This actually has been finished for a bit now and I've just been testing it etc. and still have a few more tweaks to make before I can call it completely done, regardless here's the update. I had got my GC+, and Ashida PCB's in and had everything disassembled so I figured Id get a...
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    Solved Ashida Help

    Those wires are for wiring VGA. They include: "R", "G", "B", H-sync, and V-Sync. You can twist R, G, and B each with a ground wire to "shield" them. The screen driver board has the necessary points labeled on the back of the board. Hope this helps!
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    Worklog Legends Ashida

    Big Update: So I have done LOTS since posting last. I ended up getting my PCBway case (Its absolutely beautiful), but I had done some testing before that. So first off I had done some testing while everything was in the bottom half of the case and it worked fine up until my batteries were...
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    Worklog Legends Ashida

    Hello all, I've been lurking here and there since I stopped working on the Nintendo Viita due to working so much and just life in general lol, however I came back on one faithful day and noticed Wesk had just released his files for the Ashida. I figured since I finally had the money and...
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    Discontinued BitBuilt Custom PCBs

    Thank you Nold for the info and files! I was going through the RVL-PSU files and noticed a few things: - BOM has an extra Capacitor listed that isnt in the current design - BOM has odd quantities listed - References between Schematic and PCB are inaccurate Ive included an "updated" BOM with...
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    Model Wii SPii CAD Files

    Looks sick man, thank you for your hard work! would you be open to providing the PCB files for modification?
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    Question Smallest possible Omgwtf trim

    It would cost $10 US dollars, a lot of time, and a considerable amount of brain power. You'll need the NAND relocation flex PCB that is sold in the store, but more importantly you'll need to study the Wii compendium HEAVILY. By that I mean finding out where components are, how they connect to...
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    Worklog Legend's (yet to be named) new portable

    Ill start this worklog off by saying its not healthy start other projects before finishing previous ones, however that's what I'm doing right now lol. I do plan to finish the Nintendo Viita as soon as I develop more CAD skills etc. I just figured id make a less curvy portable while I'm still...
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    Worklog Legend's "Nintendo Viita"

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I see your from "A pond In Canada" haha.. Im from New Brunswick, and ill be driving out to Alberta and it is a bit of a stretch, so ill take those words of luck haha. Cant wait to get back to it and post another update!
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    Worklog Legend's "Nintendo Viita"

    Well guys, today is the day I packed everything up as Im moving across the country in about a month or so. Its a little depressing for me because it will be a while before I can do any physical work to this. Im driving across the country so I cant really bring all my tools and stuff with me, but...
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    Worklog Legend's "Nintendo Viita"

    Well guys, Ive made a fair amount of progress since like 2 days ago lol, and officially have everything ordered for prototyping the top portion of my case!! its all just a waiting game from here on out. (and I havent ordered my PCB's yet) but I do have them designed. So I did order a low cost...
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    Worklog Legend's "Nintendo Viita"

    UPDATE #1 So I've been doing lots of work to the top portion of the case as thats where most of my components are going to be shoved in. Once I properly design my Controller PCB's and Switch Joystick breakout boards, ill order them in and hopefully have everything for the top portion by then as...
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    Worklog Legend's "Nintendo Viita"

    Hey guys, After whipping together my last "Portable" and getting the excitement of having one (even though it wasnt handheld), I decided to put in the real work to make a good (hopefully practical) Handheld portable. After combing through the forums and my box of handhelds to see what somebody...
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    Question Pokemon rumble u nfc figures

    Im not sure about modifying the actual files, but it may be as simple as using a hex editor if you can find the values for what you want to modify (probably not that simple tbh)... but if you can find the files for the figures and modify them, then you could easily get NTAG 215 tags and write...
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    Question Wii portable in a retro case/other questions now

    Im used to looking at the Wii2HDMI be used in the original xbox, and I do know that the electrolytic capacitors stick up. So for a smaller form factor, you may have to relocate them sideways or something. Also If im not mistaken, Madmorda did a portable in a game gear case...