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  1. Pacal

    Question N64 microchip

    Hi. Does anybody knows where I can find the files to program a Pic,i want to use one of those nintendo switch joysticks on a N64 portable that I’m working.
  2. Pacal

    Question USB-C PD Charging

    It seems that the USB-C PD is not available at store right now, does anybody know when is going to be available again
  3. Pacal

    Worklog Ps Que?

    hello everyone for the 2020 competition im doing a Ps2 Portable i have already designed the case,im using PS2+ for the controller and custom Pcb. this is gonna be my second time doing a Ps2P,i fail the first time i really hope to finish it this time. I'm going to use the same name from the...
  4. Pacal

    Question power supply for USB-C PD Charging

    does anybody know what's the best power supply to use with the USB-C PD Charging? i want to buy it and use it in a portable that i`m working.
  5. Pacal

    Question Need a little help

    So I been trying to make my ps2 board work but i just can’t get the right volts, I did the advanced trim and I’m using the ps2 pms. I did the standard trim first and it worked, so I decided to do the advanced trim since I already had the ps2 pms,I connected all the wires on the board and on the...
  6. Pacal

    Question N64 Pms 5 volts problem

    I’ve just connect the 64 pms to my N64 but for some reason I can’t get 5 volts all I got is 1.3 volts from it, i get the 3.3 volts but no the 5, am I doing something wrong?
  7. Pacal

    Question Ps2 advanced trim

    So I’m going for the advanced trim on this board but I have a question, I’ve already removed some of the components as you can see,I only need to know if I can I remove this too?
  8. Pacal

    Worklog Super Retro V2.1

    Hi everyone! Because is my first time entering in this contest i decided to do something not to difficult,im going to make a snes portable and im using a retron 3 console and that's because of the snes board which is very small and that's gonna help me to make a small portable,i don't want to...
  9. Pacal

    Worklog PS Que?

    hi everyone I here with another project,is gonna be my first ps2 portable and I still don’t know how I’m going to call it but I’ll think about it later. List -ps2 79001 -5 inch screen with VGA out -2 18650 Li-ion battery -usb (from the ps2) -psp buttons and D pad -red charging board -2 20mm...
  10. Pacal

    RDP 64 (Complete)

    Finally i finished this. I can’t tell how happy I’m with my portable,after failing many times i never thought that this day will come but here it is my first portable ever The final specs: -N64 board trimmed -1mb Memory pack -3.5 inch screen -3D printed case -3ds joystick -3d printed Z and C...
  11. Pacal

    Worklog RDP 64

    Hi everyone I been working on a N64 for a few weeks now and this is my second time that I try to build one so I hope I can finish it this time :D here's what I have so far. im using some parts from a RDP that i have and it doesn't work anymore only the screen works,also im using the buttons for...
  12. Pacal

    Worklog Retro Portable 64

    Hi everyone so this is my first portable here and i hope not the last one i been trying to build a Nintendo 64 portable for years and when i first started i didn't know anything about wires or battery's or anything so it was hard at the beginning but after watching some pictures from forums and...
  13. Pacal

    Question Rcp

    Does anyone know how short the wires must be to do the rcp relocation?
  14. Pacal

    Question need help with RCP

    hi guys so i been working on a n64 board and i try to do the 180 degree bend from Ashen but i fail to make it work so now it seems i have to do the rcp relocation ,my question is if i have to connect all the 3.3 v and also all the ground to make it work or i can use the 3.3v and the ground...