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  1. Enrique

    Item bought at BitBuilt store

    just wondering who I talk to about the store since I ordered an item 3 months ago but got no update on it being produced, shipped etc. so just asking since I don’t know if it was forgotten by mistake
  2. Enrique

    Question lmao trim

    Hello everybody its been a while, finally on break so I decided to finish my portable which does indeed work but is too hideous that I don't wanna show it, I have successfully done a couple other omgwtf trims and got them working besides Bluetooth, just need to figure out portable ideas for...
  3. Enrique

    Worklog First Wii portable

    After an extremely long time of finally having time off school and getting all the supplies needed (probably need more) I can finally start building my Wii portable Got my regs set up and the Wii does boot up Cant really see the screen I was using the screen for a gameboy zero I was making and...
  4. Enrique

    Question GameCube controller idea

    i was wondering if it was possible to wire up a GameCube controller to a teensy so I could use it on a raspberry pi project I'm working on Is it possible to do so if so how If not then rip that idea
  5. Enrique

    Question Battery help

    Ok so first time trying to solder the batteries onto the board without a battery holder I had this simple 5v charging port to power the Wii But then I decided to try and use the batteries since I got my red charging board but I'm having trouble since I soldered the batteries but I'm not...
  6. Enrique

    Question Possibilities

    i was wondering if this was possible Placing a Wii into psp shell I know I would need to make some adjustments to the case But I wanted to know if anyone knows a good way to make the back piece, i need to obviously make a new back piece for the batteries and heatsink fan etc. i don't own a 3D...
  7. Enrique

    Question U10

    does anyone know where I can buy u10 I tried taking mine off and destroyed it badly And same with u9 Both destroyed (literally in half) Second Wii board Destroyed 4 u10/u9 in total
  8. Enrique

    Question Idea for portable(ish)

    I wanna make a Wii portable laptop style with a omgwtf trim, no onboard controls, all GameCube ports, and a decent size screen,and run off batteries/charger What is the best way to make the laptop case design? I'm not sure as to how to start the case, like the hinges etc. Note if someone is...
  9. Enrique

    Question Custom PCB

    i was wondering on how to make custom pcb, I'm gonna use some for a project in the future. Do I need some sort of software or something ?
  10. Enrique

    Worklog Unnamed Pi 3 Portable

    Going to make my first portable with a raspberry pi 3, I was gonna make my first portable with a Wii but I thought that this would be easier for first time. Materials: Heavily modified gameboy case 3ds sliders Ds lite buttons 2500mAh li-ion battery 3.5 inch LCD The rest of the items would be...
  11. Enrique

    Question Your answers to my questions

    i was wondering when the store would be available and when there would be a new batch of gc+. It's literally the last thing I need for my portable