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    Question Mini USB soldering directly to Raspberry Pi USB not working

    Hey guys, idk if this is the right place to be asking about this, but I am making a handheld Raspberry Pi retro game console, and I made a custom controller with a Teensy++ 2.0. This board uses a Mini USB cable to interface with the Raspberry Pi. I wanted to solder it directly to the Pi's USB...
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    Raspberry Pi Handheld Audio Help

    Hey guys, so I am making a handheld (sheck out my worklog here), and I am trying to figure out what I should do for audio. My plan is to have a 3.5mm audio out so I can plug in headphones, but I also want to have speakers as well. The screen i'm using (link here) already has an audio amplifier...
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    Solved Trying to Power a Raspberry Pi and 5" LCD Screen with 1 Battery

    Hello everyone, I've been working on making a portable Raspberry Pi for a while now, and it's so close to being done. Here's a link to my worklog that has more details: Everything is working except my power setup. Basically I am trying to power this 5" display and the Raspberry Pi...
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    QUESTION - LED Light Strip Controlled by Raspberry Pi Camera

    I have a christmas party to go to tonight, and I was interested in making a cool light up sweater using LED light strips, and controlling the colors of it using the raspberry pi camera so it reflects whatever the camera sees, but after researching a little I found no information on how to do...
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    Question Raspberry Pi Console Power/Battery help

    Okay so I am building a portable Raspberry Pi console, and my goal is to make it as close to the Nintendo Switch in form factor and function as possible. I've been thinking about how I want to go about this and I have come to a few conclusions: I'm going to use a 7" screen that runs on 12 volts...
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    Question Controller help with Nintendo Switch-like Raspberry Pi Console

    ok so I’m building my own Raspberry Pi console based on the design of a Nintendo Switch (features include a controller that is split into two parts and con connect to each other or the console, a dock for easy charging and HDMI out, and a Raspberry Pi running retro Pi.) First off let me...
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    Question AV Trouble

    Okay so I’m on my second Wii now (I accidentally fried my first one), and I’ve run into some trouble. I opted not to trim my Wii because I’m not very experienced with that type of stuff. So on to the problem: I soldered the “ground” and “composite” wires from the Wii to the “AV2” and “ground”...
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    Salvaged LCD Monitor doesn't display anything

    Ok, so I decided to follow this tutorial by DIY Perks: And try to make a DIY Laptop monitor from an old Laptop screen. I started by salvaging a 12 year old laptop that still worked but was so slow it couldn't be used. It was an HP Compaq computer (can't remember what it was called). Then I...
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    Question Video Relocation help

    okay, so I've been following along with the wii trimming guide (except for the trimming part), but when I tried soldering the video wires straight to the wii motherboard there was no video output. The screen didn't even recieve a signal! Here are some pictures (above)
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    Solved How do I wire a speaker to my portable wii

    okay so I've got a speaker that I salvaged from an old Walkie-talkie and I was wondering where I would solder the speaker onto the wii for my portable project.
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    Question Is there a good tested ac to dc converter for a portable wii?

    so I've started a portable wii porject and I have a 12v 6000mAh DC battery pack that I'm going to use, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good AC to DC converter for my portable Wii project.
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    Looking for a Gamecube mod chip to buy

    I'm looking for any gamecube mod chip to buy. If anyone has a spare mod chip, tell me which one and how much your willing to sell it for and i'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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    Solved How do I load Gamecube Games from an SD card?

    okay so I've been researching how to load Gamecube games from an SD card onto a Gamecube so I can get rid of the bulky DVD drive, but wiikey fusions, wasp fusions, and wode jukeboxes are no longer being sold! Also I bought a Xeno GC Mod Chip, but turns out you still need the DVD drive with a...
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    Solved Portable Gamecube Help - What to do with power board

    Okay so I'm making my first portable console, (a gamecube obviously) and I am not sure what I should do with the power board! So here are my questions: 1. How do I connect the battery to the power input? 2. Will the battery power button turn on power or will the power board button turn...