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  1. Joe crump

    Cheap (but good) soldering irons

    So I am in the process of making a G-Boy but I don't have a very good soldering iron so I have just been using my uncles but its a tad annoying having to go pick it up every time I want to continue work on it so I figured you guys may have a soldering iron under 75$ that can at least get my...
  2. Joe crump

    First anything really

    I got my hands on a G-Boy Kit even after the kit was discontinued by tracking down somebody who did not want his. Today I spent 4 hours troubleshooting the software on the wii because every time I tried letterbomb my wii would crash :| but I finally did the software. Now I just need to actually...
  3. Joe crump

    Question about the fan

    So I just started my G-boy and I was mounting the fan when I saw that mine had a little clip on the end of the wires then images don't have it so should I go ahead cut it off?
  4. Joe crump

    Can I use Nintendo Switch Buttons?

    I saw madmorda's nintendo switch joycon buttons and I thought they looked cool. is there a way to use them on the g-boy
  5. Joe crump

    what wii portables would you have sex with?

    Are there any wii portables what just look so sleek you could have sex with them?
  6. Joe crump

    Any body got a g boy kit for me?

    I want a G-Boy kit and I am willing to buy it for 325$ contact me
  7. Joe crump

    Discussion My New Design

    I have spent an hour or so making this and I would like to show it off. What do you guys think?
  8. Joe crump


    Is a there a way I can still get my hands on one of these bad boys