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  1. tzmwx

    Guide The SEGASATURN Trimming Guide

    STEP 1: SegaSaturn Motherboard : VA7(VA6) & Saturn Optical Drive Emulator : Phoebe or Fenrir Phoebe: Fenrir: STEP 2: IC31 & IC32: Punch: STEP3: Cut: STEP 4: Reconnect , 218 wires , 95% VIA to VIA STEP 5: Copper Pillar : 3mm * 9mm Others:
  2. tzmwx

    Release MY 4 in 1 Game Station

    one laser for 4 systems: 1.Playstation 2.PCE duo 3.Amiga CD32 4.SegaSaturn VIDEO: PIC:
  3. tzmwx

    Worklog My SegaSaturn Portable

    My first SSP and second SSP lite,LINK battle video: pic: SEGA SDL PHOEBE (trim) SS board + mini PHOEBE cut and rewire: folding: 5"LCD,TDA2822M+2SPEAKERS,10000MA LITHIUM BATTERY FINISH: