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  1. R. G. Marigold

    Solved Can the PMS-PD 2 be powered off of 5V instead of 3.3V?

    A strange question, I know. I've been having a strange problem with the PMS-PD drastically lowering the 3.3v rail resistance to GND. (And there is no way on EARTH that this is user error, as I've tried everything from re-wiring the joints, to taking it out and cleaning it. But if you really...
  2. R. G. Marigold

    Solved Wii shuts off after a second, only when screen is connected.

    What the title says. I did the 3.3v mod on the driver you get from the 4layer store, and I hooked it up to the Wii. The Wii turns on just fine, it displays a crisp image (I've done the VGA mod) and then after a second it shuts off. But only when the LCD is connected. The behavior goes as...
  3. R. G. Marigold

    Solved Whining noise when turning on PMS Lite

    Just asking incase this is a sign of a significant problem. I've been working on a Wii project for a little while, and today I turned on the trimmed board for the first time. There wasn't a screen attached, but I could feel the GPU warm up, so I knew something was happening. There was also a...
  4. R. G. Marigold

    Solved Is there a way to test if the Wii will boot without hooking up an LCD?

    Basically the title. I want to eliminate any variables that might cause a black screen. Like, could I wire up an LED somehow that would work as the "Power" light? I'm using the RVL PMS Lite, which I know has points for an LED, but I don't know if that's actually an indicator for if the Wii is...
  5. R. G. Marigold

    Question Removed U5 when I'm using an RVL PMS Lite?

    I was working on a OMG WTF trim (the first trim I've ever done) and, following the trimming guide, I removed U5 and its surrounding components. I didn't consider that I wouldn't be relocating U10 because of the U10 emulation on the PMS when I removed it. Does that footprint need to be occupied...
  6. R. G. Marigold

    I just had an idea for GC2Wiimote and the GC+

    I don't know if this was already thought of, but I'm just going to put this here just in case. I was browsing the other day and I found that the creator of the GC+ was not planning on making another revision of the hardware anytime soon. So then an idea popped into my head, what if you could...
  7. R. G. Marigold

    Worklog The Game Pi Noobi

    So, this is my first worklog on here. I'm trying to create a handheld emulator for all of the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games I never got to play, as they were before my time. The goal here is to design a handheld with little to no help from guides or the like. The only thing...
  8. R. G. Marigold

    Good VGA driver board that would work with this IPS display?

    Does anyone have any recommendations of VGA drivers that would work with this IPS display? Also, will that display be compatible with the RVL LCD Direct Drive? I want to snag one when it becomes available.
  9. R. G. Marigold

    Solved Will enameled copper wire made for beading work in place of magnet wire?

    I've been trying, and trying to find a set of spools of magnet wire that come in an assortment of colours, as I want to be able to easily keep track of what is connected to what, but I just couldn't find any. Then, I came across this. They're jewelry wires, made for beading, twisting etc. But...
  10. R. G. Marigold

    Question Would a trimmed Wii Remote interfere with the GC2Wiimote mod?

    If I wanted to add a trimmed Wii remote to a portable for the sole purpose of adding a home button to it, alongside using a GC+ mapped with the GC2Wiimote mod, how much would that mess things up? Would the wii remote just be a second player, or would it count them both as player 1? I ask, since...
  11. R. G. Marigold

    Question Why do the wires have to be on the shorter side when relocating the Bluetooth/Wifi board?

    I can understand why the wires would need to be the same length. But I don't get why the wires would need to be short in length, or what "short" even means since the word is relative by definition. Especially since both the Bluetooth and Wifi modules are normally located at the other side of the...