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  1. Miceeno

    Guide N64 Advanced VGA

    I bought a few of these N64 Advanced boards from These are a great solution for N64 VGA as the UltraVGA's aren't easy to get your hands on. If you want to build your own N64 Advanced board they are open source and can be found at
  2. Miceeno

    More 18650 Shenanigans / Solar Stuff

    So I bought 560 18650 cells. I'm building another battery. This one is for a solar project. I basically have to live out of my car for work this winter (again). Last year I was looking at just buying a Jackery 1000 and putting a solar panel in my ski rack. My needs were pretty small originally...
  3. Miceeno

    Discussion N64 Expansion Paks / RAM Part Numbers

    Watching Gman work on his N64-AIO has inspired me to look into sources for N64 RAM chips. The going rate at the moment is just under $50 for an OEM Expansion Pak with a single 4MB chip. Before the recent price hikes on Nintendo 64 consoles I always found it cheaper to source these 4MB chips from...
  4. Miceeno

    Miceeno's Purple G-Boy

    It's a G-Boy and it's purple. Worklog I can't get over how hilarious it is to play Guitar Hero on this tiny portable with this giant plastic controller.
  5. Miceeno

    Miceeno's G-BOY Worklog

    Started building my G-BOY. Apparently PortablizeMii is very picky about the file system. After trying every combination of SD/microSD card and USB drive I own (formated FAT32 32 kilobyte clusters) I ordered a 16GB SD card and 16GB USB drive and those are now working. I haven't looked into the...
  6. Miceeno

    Missing Pieces

    I'm starting the assembly and my 3d printed power button is missing. Who do I need to contact for missing pieces?
  7. Miceeno

    Watch out for FAKE Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh cells.

    I just re-rebuilt my lawn mower battery pack. So I tested all the 18650 cells in my house. I found that I had bought 12 fake Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh cells. I wanted to share this information with the forum. The genuine cells are button top and the outer most wrapper is clear (usually priced...
  8. Miceeno

    Worklog Miceeno's N64 Portable 2020

    I've been sitting on the mountain of parts to build this portable since late 2018. Although I'm still waiting on the 64drive I ordered for it in July 2018. With or without it the virus has given me the time and motivation to make some progress on this project. I probably would have tried this in...
  9. Miceeno

    AliExpress PS2P I just came across this and thought I'd share it with the community here. $565.99 for a hand built PS2 portable made in China with real hardware.
  10. Miceeno

    Worklog Miceeno's N64 Portable

    It's done. This contest is a good motivator to finish this N64 I have with an UltraVGA. My primary objective is to build a ghetto single board N64. Since I don't have the experience designing custom PCB's I will just glue stuff together. I should probably just buy Eagle and spend a couple...
  11. Miceeno

    Building Batteries with 1 Port Play and Charge

    Lithium batteries or Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries are the clear choice for building a portable because other battery chemistries don't have the same energy density. The only caveat with lithium batteries is they CAN and WILL spontaneously combust if you miss use them. In this thread I intend to...
  12. Miceeno

    Miceeno's Multi-Console "portable"

    I just finished my new entertainment center. I'm calling it a "portable" because technically you could move this beast fully loaded with 2-4 people but the theoretical battery life would be terrible. Honestly I just wanted to show it off to a community that appreciates playing games on the...
  13. Miceeno

    Miceeno's Nintendo Sixty 4or the Win XL

    This portable I wanted to keep simple. Instead of painstakingly frankencasing buttons from other consoles I simply drilled holes and mounted some "clicky" tact switch buttons. Which is so much easier than trying to mount "squishy" tact switches behind frankencased buttons. After playing...
  14. Miceeno

    Miceeno's RGB/VGA/Monitor N64 "Portable"

    Nintendo 64 with Expansion Pak RGB Modded and Amplified with THS7314 RGB Signal Converted to VGA with a GBS8200 Old HP LCD Monitor Various Parts Repurposed from N64 Case Built In Power Supply
  15. Miceeno

    Miceeno's Nintendo Sixty 4or the Win Video

    Here's an old portable I posted in the past on ModRetro. I'm reposting to show case the video I made for it.