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  1. Z3LD0N1C

    Gboy Purple Edition + Video!

    This is my first major project and post on here! I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to build such a device. I didn't want to show it off on the forms until I had a video ready, and my video goes more in depth. Otherwise, have a pic of the final result I posted onto my Instagram! Watch the...
  2. Z3LD0N1C

    PiR8_BTY's Build Thread

    The stickers look really amazing! It's a nice little touch for something like this to add an extra flare!
  3. Z3LD0N1C

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Wow, I really overestimated the difficulty of installing this! It's literally the simplest hack I've applied! And it saved my save from when I had portablizemii on the wii; though in retrospect, I don't see why it would somehow magically compromise my saves.
  4. Z3LD0N1C

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Will an install video be coming out soon?
  5. Z3LD0N1C

    Can I use a 6 layer motherboard?

    I don't need condolences, but my wallet might
  6. Z3LD0N1C

    Can I use a 6 layer motherboard?

    That's a bit disappointing to hear, nonetheless, thanks for the reply.
  7. Z3LD0N1C

    Can I use a 6 layer motherboard?

    I should've probably checked before, but excitement got the better of me. I'm curious if I can still use a 6 layer (or original model) Wii for the G-Boy.
  8. Z3LD0N1C

    Discussion G-Boy Rev III - DIY Portable Kit

    Hey, I've recently gotten into the idea of console modding, and the G-Boy will be the first portable I make! I'm just curious about the guide. Will it have a section dedicated to any preparations needed for the stock Wii before cutting? Such as a link to a guide to instal PortablizeMii or the...