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  1. DeoNaught

    Worklog The "Party Box" Wii portable

    This reminds me of the old benheck portables but a lot sexier... even the wire looks hot lol
  2. DeoNaught

    Worklog Yawp

    I hate hinges. I've done like three revisions so far, the first one was meh, second one was really good, but too thicc, and didn't align properly, third one I got depressed on, fourth one is still a sketch. I went back to the second one and fixed it. It's pretty cool. I tried making it thin as...
  3. DeoNaught

    Worklog DSii

    I feel that, I've just restarted again on my third revision T-T Gonna be a thicc boi, whats the estimated thickness?
  4. DeoNaught

    Worklog Yawp

    Yet another Wii portable. :') Howdy, just like most twelve year olds when I saw this I shat myself This is what my portable is going to be based off of. I would enjoy it if you all would shat your pants with my contest entry. It's going to be a wii, inside a plastic case, with a 4:3 screen...
  5. DeoNaught

    Worklog Sk8rSeth's WiiBox One

    Holy cow that is amazing
  6. DeoNaught

    Worklog WiiSPii 1.0 (Wii in an SP Shell)

    Are you gonna have full travel on the sticks? or are they gonna be somewhat smaller travel distances?
  7. DeoNaught

    Switch lite~

    Howdy, I'm lookin for about $210 plus shipping, Comes with Zelda: links awakening, and a usb c cable to a cable
  8. DeoNaught

    Worklog 3D Model Of My Console, Critique?

    I'd start first by changing 3d modeling programs, Try Fusion360 instead, you can get an educational license for free, which includes Highschool it turns out btw. Second I'd buy a Caliper, it will help out a lot when measuring things accurately. it doesn't need to be an expensive one, I think...
  9. DeoNaught

    Worklog 3D Model Of My Console, Critique?

    Can you send pics instead? I don't like downloading random zips, also Pics would be more accessible to people who know what they are talking about, but are for example, on a phone. So pics would give more accessibility to see what it looks like, faster, and safer!
  10. DeoNaught

    The DMGii

    Damn that looks really nice, reminds me of the frankencased ones, but in a good way :3 I don't see any pictures of the back >: (
  11. DeoNaught

    Worklog *Classic* Squiiffer

    pretty sure it's the same one used in the Powermii lite, if not it's probably very close... Though I'm not using it anymore because I bought a RVL-PMS, and it takes less space than my older battery configuration
  12. DeoNaught

    Release GameCube JoyCon CAD Files

    Rip to all the future Wave birbs and joycon boards ded from noobs D: Why didn't you just take off the button stickers and wire directly to there though?
  13. DeoNaught

    Hi Speechless, I'm dad!

    Hi Speechless, I'm dad!
  14. DeoNaught

    Worklog *Classic* Squiiffer

    Howdy, I've done a lot of re-designing in the last couple of days. Here's a better Write Up. My Wii portable dubbed "The *Classic* Squiifer" (Name still pending), This Portable has been in progress since 2018 Y i k E s. It has gone through many revisions I've lost count litterally, but here is...
  15. DeoNaught

    Worklog *Classic* Squiiffer

    I've made like five revisions, I was on my fourth, then my fourth broke, and now I'm back on my third, which is technically now my fifth. I've been working on it for a bit, so hopefully it shows oof. I really enjoy the N64 reference with the buttons, so I think I might actually keep them, and...
  16. DeoNaught

    Question Would someone mind looking over my parts list?

    You might want to make your parts list public if you want people to look at them btw
  17. DeoNaught

    G-Wii Christmas Giveaway Stream

    I vote for these. Also any day that itsn't Tuesday or wednesday
  18. DeoNaught

    Discussion Gameboy Advance SP with Raspberry Pi 0

    Thats pretty neat, how long does the battery last? I think I might get one of those for a pi I have lying around, been looking for something like this for a quick bit
  19. DeoNaught

    Stuff you Print ITT

    Cthulhu fhtagn Cthulhu fhtagn Cthulhu fhtagn is that with any post processing? are there any noticable print lines? looks really nice
  20. DeoNaught

    GBoy rev3

    Do you have a link to the filament, reminds me of the blue wii