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    I didn’t say he has the right skills. Just making the point he’s 70% there and there’s a lot of skill required to get to this point with the right parts just ruined with bad wiring, bad mounting and an unsafe battery mount.
  2. What Operating System(s) is(are) your choice(s)?

    You’d do well with a 2010 mbp 15” as you can pick them up on eBay for next to nothing with a restart problem (easy to fix for a bit built builder).

    It isn’t easy quick to assemble these and if you look on his YouTube it’s his original model likely the only one this bad so things have probably developed a little(I mean they must have). Like I said I don’t condone this which means I don’t accept this should be sold to the public and have...
  4. Question Capacitor Suggestions

    Well someone should have replied here. If you ask electronic nerds what the best capacitor brand or type is they often turn into horrible people claiming theres is best. My favourite is rubycon I still have very old consoles that I should have replaced them on but they work fine still. The...

    While I dont condone this it does take some skill to even build to this level even if the solderings crap and batteries installed to be pierced. Rewiring this with a vero board to act as a junction box and adding a safely installed battery would make this usable.
  6. Question Chineses board i found, i think is good

    Looks oversized with a lack of information
  7. Testing durability of different clear coats

    Though most manufacturers wont admit it, the ones that do only do if you press them paints and lacquers can take weeks to fully harden.
  8. Linus Tech Tips G-Boy vid

    TFTs make my eyes hurt. All phones have used them for years(except premium oled models) they have deeper colours and suit a handheld much better. I'm not looking for a large screen just 5 inches suits my eyes much better than say a 3.5" but a 5.5" IPS would be ideal.
  9. Linus Tech Tips G-Boy vid

    Great but between the 2 of you can you link to a better screen option say 5 inches plus thats IPS thats been used in a project.
  10. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    random reply here because i got a message saying i have to reply here
  11. Linus Tech Tips G-Boy vid

    Lol I just watched this before getting here. I have a 3d printer and can model a little, a spot welder for welding 18650 cells, RC lipo charger, soldering equipment and a microscope for fine soldering. I'd like to build a portable wii around a larger screen than in the DMG styled 'g boy' with...