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    Worklog Portable NeoGeo MVS

    I love it! Very well done my dude, big fan of the neat wiring btw
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    Question Weird screen issue

    You'll need to give it a good clean to remove any transient shorts, but I think it should be fine
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    What are the use cases of the PTR08060 vs the PTH08080?

    Size, cost, ease of wiring, stock availability IIRC. The PTR08060 can output up to 6A continuous current, while the PTH08080 can output up to 2.25A while sporting a slightly wider input voltage range. In older systems like the Gamecube or PS2 we'd use the PTR for voltage rails that needed a...
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    Does this Trimmed Wii Motherboard look right enough to function? (Haven't tested yet)

    The trim lines look okay, but that giant U10 wire needs to go. It's a huge short risk EDIT: You've chopped through the NAND traces on the underside. You're going to have to repair that with magnet wire or the system will not boot
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    Question Weird screen issue

    The easy way is to use a hot air station. If you don't have a hot air station, you can use a dremel to carefully grind down the bases until they're thin enough to snap in the middle with a thin flathead screwdriver I also recommend desoldering all of the voltage out wires on the PMS, so the...
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    Question Weird screen issue

    For starters I'd clear off the remnants of those inductors
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    Model G-Boy rev3 case files

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    RVLoader v1.0

    RVLoader uses Nintendont to run GC games, so just enabling cheats and running the game from RVLoader should work. I have no idea how to do Wii cheats, never used them before.
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    RVLoader v1.0

    You gotta make a "codes" folder in the root of your USB drive, then save the codes you want for a game as a "[GAMEID].txt" file. Then rename the file extension from .txt to .gct. If cheats are enabled, all codes present in the file will be loaded on boot. More details here...
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    Solved Where should I get 18650 batteries from?

    You can buy cells from Amazon safely. As long as they're marked as genuine Panasonic or Samsung cells, you're good 99% of the time.
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    what parts of a gamecube can i use in a wii portable?

    Buying a set of controller ports for easy testing isn't a bad idea, but memory card relocation after trimming is really fiddly and not really worth IMO
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    G-Wii Yellow *Pikmin Edition

    Lemony fresh~
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    Question PMS-2 No output voltage

    I'm not sure if using dead cells can damage the PMS, I'd think not, but you should definitely dispose of those cells ASAP. They're 100% kill
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    Question PMS-2 No output voltage

    Perhaps we should have specified that you need 22AWG stranded wire for power and ground connections. Solid core is for thin data wires only, and you're still using the thin solid core to connect the batteries to the PMS, which is no good. You need to desolder all of that solid core and get some...
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    Question PMS-2 No output voltage

    updated photos pls
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    Project Wii U

    If you're going to use 18650s, you will have to extend the back of the case out to accomodate them. Most people widen the battery hatch and stick on a plastic hobby box, or 3D print an extension. You'll also want some 1mm pitch FFC breakout boards for the controls, as you can't solder to the...
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    RVLoader v1.0

    Read the full post. Wii games must be in WBFS format, in the correct folder. If the games are in the correct format and in the correct folder, your USB drive might be the issue. Some drives just don't work...
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    RVLoader v1.0

    Bottom of the first post
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    Question 5v switching regulator

    That will do