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  1. Mr.Hooker

    Worklog $400 GBA Project

    Small update. I had a few failed attempts to hardwire the everdrive that worked with all the cartridge games tested, and unable to find brakeout boards for the ic-switches I'm using, I'm going to order a custom made pcb to handle three of the ic-switches to cover more of the data lines from...
  2. Mr.Hooker

    Worklog $400 GBA Project

    Small update. Finally figured out how I'm going to wire the everdrive. Ordered some 4tdp ic switches, should be in by the end of the month. Still waiting on a new sd card tray socket that should be here any day.
  3. Mr.Hooker

    Board scan GBA Board Scans

    What i found was on the pins 1-5 for the headphone jack. 1st, The common or ground on headphones do not connect to the ground on the GBA. 2nd, Only while the headphone jack is on the PCB and nothing is plugged in, Pin 4 and Pin 5 connect. 3rd, When you plug something into the headphone jack, it...
  4. Mr.Hooker

    Worklog $400 GBA Project

    I was thinking of necro posting this on the pcb scan page but ill leave that up to Noah or the forum staff. What i found was on the pins 1-5 for the headphone jack. 1st, The common or ground on headphones do not connect to the...
  5. Mr.Hooker

    Worklog $400 GBA Project

    Instead of using the proprietary AV out cabel that came with the IPS composite out screen kit that connects to the link port, Im replacing the standard headphone jack on the GBA with a 8 pin replacement, and using the standard AV out cable that came with a lot of old digital camera's. The...
  6. Mr.Hooker

    Question Few questions, everdrive, gamester,

    1st, Has anyone here ever removed the battery of a everdrive and hardwired it to the system they was working on? 2nd, Can anyone tell me what size the diodes and capacitor on the lower right of the pcb is? I have some questions about the "GBA SP Gamester Game Changer" The member Acronell that...
  7. Mr.Hooker

    Worklog $400 GBA Project

    Retro game repair shop has it listed as "Gameboy advance IPS Backlight TV Version AV out mod" and you can find other reference to it as "One Chip TV Version". It has only been on the market about a month, it uses the new LG ips screen that seems to be the current best on market. It has...
  8. Mr.Hooker

    Worklog $400 GBA Project

    The original GBA is one of my favorite consoles, and with all the pre made ips screens and pcb's kits on the market I wanted to see what all I could manage to cram in one shell. Going to upload most the build on youtube, and any build logs on here. I had posted this on ModRetro, but it look's...
  9. Mr.Hooker

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hello, I am Mr. Hooker from ModRetro. I'm working on a GBA, currently called the "$400 GBA Project" ,I logged onto ModRetro for the first time in 8?ish years and seen it was mostly dead there. was planing on making a build log, then upload a youtube of it when done. Anyways I hope to add...