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  1. John

    Worklog Wii Micro with Noldendo case

    Thought it would be fun to buy a 6-layer Wii and make a micro! Specs will be the same as Nold's Micro as I am using the same case.
  2. John

    Worklog The potato of handhelds - somehow it turns on

    Worked on this build before going to college and I left it uncompleted. Since I have been having more time recently, I have decided to work on it again. I do not remember the specs of the build since it has been so long. I will be updating this post until it is complete and possibly asking...
  3. John

    Question Exception (DSI) occurred error when GC+ is connected

    I seem to be getting a DSI error when I connect my GC+ to the Wii. I know the GC+ works because after 3 seconds it brings me to the home-brew page and I'm able to use the A button. I've tried re-soldering the chip on the GC+ and re-flashing it, but it hasn't helped. This error only happens when...
  4. John

    Question GC+ Problem

    So I'm almost done with my first Wii portable but I ran into a problem. When I have the GC+ data line soldered on to my Wii when I turn it on the screen flashes with PortablizeMii and then goes off. The screen is still on, I checked all the voltages and everything is fine. If I remove the data...
  5. John

    Gamecube Analog Stick

    Hello, I am looking to buy 2 grey GameCube Analog sticks. I looked on Ebay and Amazon, they all look cheap. Please let me know if you have extra you are willing to sell.
  6. John

    Question Broken 3DS

    So I bought a broken 3DS for $20 and it pops and then shuts off. I did research and figured it was the camera or speaker. So I bought both and put them in my the 3ds, but I still get the same problem. Any Ideas?